Sleepy AF: A Crystal Kit to Promote Peaceful Sleep

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Did you know that after 48 hours of no sleep, you will start hallucinating?  And after 96 hours, your perception of reality will be severely distorted? Sleep is pretty freaking important. Physically and spiritually! Physically, we need rest to allow our bodies to recharge. Spiritually, we need it to recharge our spirits. Missing it or even just not getting enough of it makes us susceptible to all sorts issues. So not only making the time for proper sleep, creating a sleep ritual that allows you to get a full night's rest is imperative. 


This is why we created Sleepy AF: A Crystal Kit to Promote Peaceful Sleep, to help you maximize and optimize your sleep so you can feel recharged and sleepy af at the right time!

In our Sleepy AF Crystal Manifestation kit we've included:

  • A Palo Santo Stick
  • Two Selenite Pyramids
  • A Mini Dreamcatcher
  • A Notebook
  • An Amethyst Pyramid
  • A bottle of Lavender Essential Oil
  • A Magic Zipper Pouch

Each crystal manifestation kit also includes a robust digital instruction booklet to guide you through a suggested ritual to get you feeling sleepy af again. Some steps in our ritual are:

  1. Cleansing and clearing your space and tools
  2. Creating the a ritual that aligns with your spirit
  3. Using your crystals to promote a more restful sleep
  4. Turbo charging your ritual with a little aromatherapy
  5. Capturing the magic of your dreams

We also provide some additional tips, tricks and knowledge so you can use your intuition with the tools however you see best.

This sleep ritual was made to help you sleep more deeply and feel recharged! So, get it and start making your own magic now!

*Your kit comes in a sturdy pull out drawer box with silver design with tools that have been reiki charged and blessed.

*The box dimensions are 5.75 inches long x 5 inches wide x 1.5 inches tall.

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