A Disclaimer...

Dear Guest,

We are NOT a place for the folks doing things because it's new, hip, cool and they want to Instagram some pretty crystals…

We are NOT the place for quick fixes disguised as deep spiritual work…

We are NOT for the folks who are looking for a guru to just tell them what to do so they don’t have to think for themselves...

We are NOT down with the know-it-alls or master gurus who have decided they have figured out life and are looking to restock their closet with crap they won’t ever touch more than once…


We ARE for the dreamers and believers who know they have some tough stuff to work through and are looking for the support and tools to do just that…

We ARE for the people who are not afraid to ask seemingly silly questions and admit when they feel scared, helpless or worthless…

We ARE for the seekers of truth, the ones who willingly fight for the right to learn all they can about being human just so they can pick what resonates most with them after…

We ARE for those who see every other person on this planet as equal no matter their race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual preference, religion or vibration..

We ARE for the folks who won’t stop until they create their own damn magic because they know the world does not owe them a single thing.

So, if that’s not who you are, don’t waste your time here. Leave now.

This is a place only for those who know that changing the world first starts with changing yourself.

If this is you, welcome you amazingly wonderful, Magic Maker!
We're happy to have you join our tribe.

Spotlight on

My Little Magic Shop is a self care exploration platform, for those who have a desire to connect more deeply with their inner voice. We focus on guiding the inward journey to emotional and spiritual well being, while also providing the optional tools and a community to support and empower participants.

The Tools

We spend a great deal of time sourcing consciously and sustainably sourced metaphysical tools for you. We love to support small, minority and/or women owned businesses as much as possible.  Then, when they arrive we treat them with a ton of care to ensure they arrive to you at the highest vibration possible

The Resources

Education is incredibly important for us. We are all committed to spiritual growth and as a team spend a great deal of time educating ourselves not only to share with you but also to make sure we are handling our own shit. Moreover, we are deeply committed to not only introducing you to new modalities, new healers and new products, we are just as committed to making sure you are guided to maximizing everything you discover. 

The Community

You can't really vibe without the right tribe, right? We realize that who you surround yourself with will impact how much you are able to make your own magic and heal your stuff. So we are calling all the magic makers everywhere to join us on this beautiful journey and come vibe with us through events, workshops, and our forum. 

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ~ WB Yeats

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