Abundant AF: A Crystal Meditation Kit for Manifesting Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity

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Helps to attract and manifest abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

These crystals can be carried as pocket stones on the go; put in your place of work/healing or for meditation.

Each crystal has been hand-picked, cleaned, and enriched with positive energy.

You probably know this deep down. Remember the last time you wanted something deep and it manifested? Or the last time you were down to your last, and some synchronicity happened to bring you exactly what you need? The universe always has your back.

But, sometimes we forget. We get sucked into a spiral of negative, low-vibe thoughts and worries and suddenly we are surrounded by lack. We can't see anything other than what we don't have, don't want, or are missing. And it is exactly this energy that pulls more of exactly what we don't want to us. Fortunately, you are a magic maker; knowing when to pull yourself up and make your magic is something you can always do. Especially when it comes to getting back into flow with abundance.

This is why we created Abundant AF: A Crystal Kit for Manifesting Abundance & Prosperity in your life, to help you tap back into the universal flow and abundant wealth you have within.

In our Abundant AF Crystal Manifestation kit we've included:

A Palo Santo Stick
A Pyrite Pyramid
Three Clear Quartz Points
A Seed of Life Crystal Grid
A Green Ritual Candle Holder
A Green Ritual Candle
An Aventurine 8mm Bracelet
A Magic Zipper Pouch
Each crystal manifestation kit also includes a robust digital instruction booklet to guide you through a suggested ritual to get you feeling abundant af again. Some steps in our ritual are:

Cleansing and clearing your space and tools
Creating a ritual that aligns with your spirit
Setting up the most magical crystal grid to make your intention known
Turbocharging your ritual with a little candle magic
Charging your crystal bracelet for an extra boost
We also provide some additional tips, tricks, and knowledge so you can use your intuition with the tools however you see best.

Your kit comes in a sturdy pull-out drawer box with a silver design with tools that have been reiki charged and blessed.

Type: Crystal Kit
Item Quantity: 6 items per box
Box Size: 5.75 inches long x 5 inches wide x 1.5 inches tall

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