21 Days of Abundance

Welcome to this 21 Days of Abundance Challenge!!! We are sooo excited to support you through creating the magic in your life you dream of! Before you get to making your own magic, be sure to sign up for daily reminders for 21 Days of Abundance below. You will receive a daily reminder and the challenge so you won’t forget. Sending you tons of loveeeee!

❤ DAY 1 ❤

Mission of The Day

In your journal, phone or laptop create a list of 50 people who have added value to your life.

Take everyone who is positive and who you feel somehow made you grow.

The list must contain 50 names. The important thing is that, as they enter into your mind, you wish them well and thank them for the reason for your choice when you write.

When done, type "Day 1 done” or in the group.

Move calmly, remember the good things in each person, and what he / she brought into your life! Enjoy this!

A short meditation is below. It is composed of an intro to set the practice intention and a short silent mantra repetition.

Please feel free to adapt to your own meditation practice / mantra if you have one and feel it would bring you more benefit. I personally am enjoying putting my customary practice aside and and being open to the guidance offered here, but feel free to do what you are more comfortable with. Also, now is a great time to check out our I Am Abundant Mini Crystal Kit to jump start your journey!

❤ DAY 2 ❤

Welcome to Day 2 of the abundance challenge! ❤
Today’s task is to write a list, no matter the number, of people in your family and social circle that you feel have achieved their goals in life and are happy! ✨

This can be in terms of any aspect of their life! No doubt this will make you evaluate what you see as happiness and success. 🌱

Today’s inspirational quote; *“Learning from mistakes is a great lesson for growth”*

Remember to post in the group when you have completed today’s task, Day 2 ✅.

If you are struggling here, others may be able to give you tips, advice and encouragement.

❤ Day 3 ❤

Today’s motto:

*Today is a positive day, full of Love and Prosperity.*

Today’s task is a decisive junction in this journey and works with the law of giving and receiving. To make energy flow and bring us back more energy in return.

The task today is to form your own Abundance Group! 🌱

I had some initial resistance to this one, but i am really enjoying it 🙂, having you all accepted to be part of it was a lovely surprise and happy we are all on day 3...

It doesn’t matter how small the group is, it can even be with one person only if that works for you. Sharing these exercises and growing a sense of care and of mindfulness within our circles is powerful.

Stretching out of our comfort zone gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves and grow!

You’ll have the mission each day to pass on the guidance from Day 1 to the end of the 21 days to your group.

Feel free to come to me if you have any difficulties or questions.

Guidance for setting up your group:
– Name the Group – 21 days of Abundance
– Choose a photo for a profile picture that is representative of Abundance to you.
– Create a group and invite your friends/family/colleagues/acquaintances (whomever you would like) to the group, explaining what it is about and that there will be daily tasks to do.
– Use WhatsApp or any media you prefer

Invitation: It is important to explain the Group’s intention and make it clear that they will have daily tasks and deadlines for delivery.

To facilitate, you can take advantage of the previous messages that I passed, like rules, exercises, etc, with your personal touch.

Remember that you will have to make the postings daily and follow the people who have been doing the tasks.

Takes responsibility.
But it doesn't take too long, especially if you organize it in advance.

After you create it, say it here!

I know this might be bit challenging for some, but give it a try...
I love the idea of people meditating together, opening yourself up to more abundance through giving and receiving

*I am completely ready to open up to abundance, to allow larger streams of life to pass through me. I have the space, I am the space.*

Because of Day 3 you special friends are on this abundance journey with me. I'm paying it forward and I hope you can pay it forward to those around you. No matter the number.



Welcome to ❤ Day 4! ❤

As we move past the task of forming new groups, let’s dive into the collective unconscious.

Collective unconscious is, in Jungian psychology, the part of the unconscious mind which is derived from ancestral memory and experience and is common to all humankind. It is the birth place of all beliefs that others have thought us. Often times, these passed-down beliefs do not suit a person’s individuality, creating a conflict that can either propel the story forward or hold us back.

Today, before you start the guided audio meditation, I’d like to invite you to take a few minutes to close your eyes, breath gently and deeply. As you breath, see if you are able to identify any beliefs passed to you, either by family or social context, that could potentially be holding you back?
Write it—or the list—down.

As you write, BREATH through it and visualize it being rinsed away, like chalk being washed by the rain.
Repeat it until your list is done.

It is possible to (re)write our own stories.
*From this moment forward I invite unlimited abundance in my life.*
Rise and shine,
Sending many blessings your way

❤ Day 5 ❤

Goooood morning!1

Here we are, on *Day* *5* and we have a beautiful assignment that goes with the meditation.

Pick a brand new page and ask yourself: *What does true abundance mean to me?*
Write down a few paragraphs of free-flow / stream of consciousness, or a poem, or a love letter to yourself... Or even make a drawing if that resonates and you feel you can represent the abundance you want in your life. The important here is to be *generous* and to be *specific*.

*Today I embrace my potential to be, do, and have whatever I can dream.*

Have a wonderful day🌱

Good morning all and welcome to ❤ DAY 6 ❤ !

Today, make a list of people (it can be only their name) that you are currently holding in a negative space, that the relationship with them somehow feels to be taking away energy from you.
You have obsessive thoughts about them, unresolved emotions, revenge, jealousy, you feel hurt, have unspoken words etc.
Any type of discomfort counts.
You can repeat some names from the list of day 1, but do not get into conflict or too caught up in the stories, we are talking about energy.
They can be people near or far from you now, the important thing is what you feel in your .
Recall and feel why you added their name, and after you complete the list, write a blessing to each one of them, a specific blessing, from your heart to his or her heart.
*Everything I desire is within me.*
Transformation is happening, much love to your journeys today!
Wohooo :) — we complete week 1 today!

Welcome to ❤ DAY 7 ❤

Inspired from two days ago exercise, when we visualized and wrote down what abundance means to us, make a list of all the things you DO that make you feel you are living in abundance. It can be cooking a healthy, nutritious meal; swimming in the ocean; spending quality time with friends and family; working on new projects; being in nature, celebrating creativity through art... Please write down all the actions that make you feel immersed in abundance.

With every action you write, take a moment to breath into it and visualize yourself in that situation, and feel your body being filled with the joy and abundance emanating from it. Visualize it in detail, be specific. Where you are, who is with you, how does it sound, smell, taste, and look like. You can either write the full description down or just sit with it. Just please make sure you don’t rush it, and that you have written down at least the actions list (“cook a health meal”, “swim naked in the ocean”, “laugh and having fun times with my friends”, etc..)

And please keep this list somewhere safe and accessible—we will use it again soon.
*I use my conscious intention to manifest my dreams.*
Have fun!

Welcome to ❤ DAY 8! ❤

Blissful day to you...
May we feel the flow, vitality and endless love in all, today and every day!
Today is a self-awareness day.
You are called to look and see 5 things that you think are limiting you. Look at your attitude, your behaviors, thoughts, patterns, emotions, self-care style, belief system and other things that can be there to sabotage your wishes. Anything that somehow does not allow you to get what you really want—spiritually, emotionally, materially.
Look in a compassionate way, you are not supposed to feel bad because of it, rather look at it in a responsible way...
That will start to transform those limitations into a door opener.
Try to concentrate and go as deep as you can. Feel in your heart what these limitations really are.  It is an important practice. If you are able to listen to the meditation more than once… that will be a gift!
May this practice start a wave of teaching about effortless creation.
Enjoy and remember to share when you have done today’s task!
*To the law of true potentiality I can create anything, anytime, anywhere.*
Much love 

❤ DAY 9 ❤

*Today and everyday, I give that which I want to receive.*
Today, our assignment comes directly from Chopra’s meditation.
Based on the law of karma, of giving and receiving, may we give to the world what we want to flourish in our lives.
In the meditation, Chopra advises us to gift everyone we encounter in our day with something: a smile, a heartfelt compliment, a flower, a silent blessing…

Well, that is beautiful but “everyone”, even if ideal, can feel a little abstract and far-fetched. So, let’s practice with a more attainable goal, and choose 5 people to gift with seeds of abundance today.
It is up to you to choose what you will give: some of your time, an unexpected phone call, an apology, a warm hug, or simply a beautiful silent blessing. Get creative or keep it simple... What matters is that you are honest truly feel it in your heart.

*Today and everyday, I give that which I want to receive.*
Have a wonderful day!
Much love,
-S 🦋

Gooooood morning!

DAY 10

we count our blessings.
Sit in meditation, and either before or after listening to the audio guidance, write a list of the things you are grateful for. For each of it pause and breath. Are you aware of their positive impact they have in your life? You may be able to feel it in your body. If you do, write a note on where in your body you feel its radiance—in your chest, in your gut, hands, throat...

Exercising the connection of our physical awareness and emotional awareness is very grounding and can offer great insights, specially if you’re looking to make decisions / adjust your sails...

*Today, I make great choices because they are made with full awareness.*
Lots of love, S.

Happy day to everyone on the other side of this planet!

DAY 11

So glad you are still here :). For today’s practice we reach back to our exercise on day 8, when we meditated on our limiting self beliefs, and choose 2 you want to transform.

Write down the steps you can do for each to improve in a general way and in a practical way. Try to keep the steps simple and within your reach (not dependent on other people’s actions).

Untangling ourselves from our limiting self beliefs clears the path for all the positive things we desire to flow towards us. Please be in touch if you have difficulties. Then put it into practice this week!

*I expect and accept abundance to flow easily to me.*

You are welcome to share one in the group, as part of your "done" post if you feel like it Have a wonderful day 🦋🌞🦋

Welcome to ❤ DAY 12 ❤ !

I hope you are having a good week, and that these tasks are helping you find space of undivided (self) attention. San Kalpa (sahn KAL-pah) is an ancient Sanskrit sutra that means: ‘My intentions have infinite organizing power.’

Imagine that the whole universe is a vast ocean of consciousness, and your intentions shoot out from within your heart and ripple across the vast ocean of consciousness. Imagine that your intention is orchestrating the infinite activity of the universe, counterbalancing the whole ecosystem.

Imagine that every thought you have, every word you utter, every deed of yours brings some benefit to the world. On this note, aligned with today’s meditation, I invite you to reflect on your intentions, asking yourself:

What is the highest vision you hold of yourself?

What is the highest intention you have for your life?

What steps have you taken to manifest that intention?

How will this intention best serve you and others?

*I place my intentions into the vast ocean of all possibilities and allow the universe to work through me.*

Peace 🌞🦋🌞

Welcome to ❤ DAY 13

Today’s centering thought is: *As I let go of the need to arrange my life, the universe brings abundant good to me.* Interestingly, today’s task requires a little planning.

Let’s quickly go back to day 7, when we listed the actions that bring abundance in our lives… And choose 1 for us to do this week! Take a look at your coming week’s schedule, and find a time slot to do it.

Today’s task is not doing the activity itself (great if you do it today!) but finding sacred time in your week where you will engage with it. Commit to it—it’s our ABUNDANCE DATE! It can be as simple as going to the farmer’s market and choosing fresh produce to cook yourself (and your beloved ones if you like) a beautiful meal, or going to the movies/theater/dance show to be inspired by the creativity; going to a yoga class or meditation; or sitting down with colored pencil and paper and drawing for an hour. Whatever you choose to do, make it non negotiable and be fully present with it. When telling us you’re ✔ with the task feel free to share in the group


We have advanced to ❤ DAY 14 ❤!

We are 2 weeks into the challenge! YAY! How does it feel?✨

(don’t worry if you’re one or two behind)

Today, write on your notebook the following questions:

*What are my talents?*

*How can I give that to the world?*

Write down what comes to your heart and leave space below each question so you can revisit it other times during your day if possible, at least once more by the end of it.

Try staying in tune to these questions during the entire day and stay open to receive any guidance from the universe.⚡

Write freely and with no judgment, trusting the spontaneity of your most intimate thoughts and feelings.

*There is a way I can fulfill my true purpose in life.*

Happy Monday!!

Welcome to ❤ DAY 15! ❤

On the meditation today, Chopra presents us the concept of SYNCHRODESTINY: the merging of coincidence and destiny.

In his own words, “the coincidences or little miracles that happen every day of your life are hints that the universe has much bigger plans for you than you ever dreamed of for yourself.” (from the book “Synchrodestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles”)

The task today is to pay special attention to this cosmic dance.

*What are the signs that the universe is sending us?*

In meditation, let’s ask for signs and symbols to support our evolutionary process and our connection to our self, our life, our mission.

At the end of the day, we take a moment to reflect and write the messages we may have received…

It is my feeling that this day with its mantra (The core of my being is my ultimate reality) and meditation is offering a special alignment, as it is calling the forces of nature to reveal themselves to you in a clearer way.

*As I live in present moment awareness, I live the magic of synchrodestiny.*

Have a wonderful day ✨

Happy Day, Everyone ❤ DAY 16! ❤

This day is all about gratitude ~ the glory of creation.

Today, we stop several times during the day and recognize all the good and positive we have in life, all the beauty that surrounds us and is within us.

Try to listen to the meditation as soon as possible. 🌱

During the day find as many things as possible to be grateful for. Make an endless list: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual things.

Small things and big things, the obvious and the mysterious!

When we address your attention to them, we are filled with joy and gratitude... The seeds of abundance! 🌱

Hello ❤ DAY 17! ❤

The lesson that we are diving into today is... existential confidence and the lightness of being.

Living while knowing that all is safe, no place for worries and fearful concerns.

For that, bring your attention during the day, to things that cost nothing and value as gold!

What gives you strength, life force, vitality, immense joy, and inner confidence?

Connect to it, feel it, also, make a list to anchor it and reconnect to it, at a greater level, within you.

These are the roots of bliss.✨

*I move through my days, light-hearted and carefree, knowing all is well.*

Wishing you a beautiful day

Hello beautiful souls, welcome to ❤ DAY 18! ❤

Today is about our freedom to be the one we are, free, simple authentic, true to our selves, free of any judgment or trying to answer other people’s expectations.

Today’s assignment is to recall 3 situations in your life where you feel or felt the freedom to simply be YOU.

Write them and describe them in detail. Awaken this sensation in you, and note to yourself what are the conditions, if at all, that can allow yourself to be like that.

Much love ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💙💚💛🧡❤

❤ DAY 19

Living Love 💕 Welcome to *Day 19*!!! Today is a day of love, and within it - self love as an expression of abundance. Our assignment for today is to look at life, people, yourself, all with the eyes of love.

In your notebook today, write to yourself: I love ....... (these things) in me I love that I am......(thing you see and recognize in yourself) I love that I have .... I love that I am able.... I love the way I am.... Write at least 10 things for each!

And to complete: Write Say Express in action *I love my self* Here we are to bring and sense a free live flow towards ourselves, as we are love. Bathe in this divine love that we are. Feel it. Awaken to it. As we are nothing but love. And love is all there is. It is a special, powerful and magical exercise.

Enjoy loving yourself!💕

Here we are... Welcome to ❤ DAY 20! ❤

Today’s activity is sweet and powerful: First, after listening to the meditation, take just 12 minutes of pure pleasure for yourself, pamper yourself with something you love and enjoy and feel completely worthy to receive it! It can be anything, such as going for a massage or massage yourself with your fav oils, spa afternoon, savoring a fleshy and juicy piece of fruit, reading poetry out loud, getting dressed on you favorite clothes just because... etc. Allow yourself to dream and sense it in your body and feelings. After that, write in your notebook, what are the things that make you feel well treated and luxurious. *ENJOY* today’s practice. Feel how worthy you are of all that you wish for and more! helloooo ... We have arrived 🌈 🤗 Please read and do within the next 24 hours if you can. I will keep this group open so you can continue to check your days off. And you will always have access to the meditations.

Have you heard about the 7 wealth activators?

🌱Giving out

🌱Giving away

🌱Giving up

🌱Giving in

🌱Giving thanks

🌱Giving to yourself


Based on the law of reciprocity everything is energy and it has to circulate in order to bring us abundance back. Let’s keep our channels open so the energy can flow.... Abundance is in our hands... We create it every day with our choices and decisions, in the way how we spend our time, the people we hang out with and how we feel every single moment. Awareness… gratitude… grace.

Oh wow... Hello ❤ DAY 21! ❤

Send to us in this group a video or a written message or video describing your experience of these 21 Days of Abundance (feelings, observations, what has changed in you and outside you, etc.) I'm truly grateful to you all for partaking in this 21 day journey.

Abundance, light, love and blessings!

Enjoy your last meditation and task, thank you for your presence here!!