Custom Rituals

 Do You Need Some Help Creating Your Own Ritual?

Hey Magic Maker,

Sometimes, you know your life needs a good kick in the arse but you aren’t sure where to start. We absolutely know that feeling, so we’ve devised a plan to help you out. We are going to help you create a unique, personalize ritual by picking some products from our shop and telling you exactly how to use them!

And, the best part, it’s crazy easy. Just pick your budget, fill out some info and we will be back to you in 48 hours with some ideas. Our team of healers, astrologers and reiki masters will tap into their intuition and your spirit to gain guidance on what you need. Once we figure out the perfect ritual for you, then we will put it together and ship to within 10 days including your personalized instructions. Love us yet?

Depending on your budget, personalized rituals may include:

  • A Crystal Grid specific to healing a certain issue including all crystals and grid

  • Customized candles matching your intention

  • Incense, oils or sprays to bring healing through aromatherapy

  • A singing bowl or turning instrument to heal a specific chakra

  • Pendulums to aid with dowsing or energy re-balancing

  • Crystal intented to your intention to use for crystal healing exercises

  • Books and journals

  • Oracle Cards to deepen your intuition and connection with your spirit guides

  • Malas to intent and use in mediation and affirmation setting

  • Jewelry to wear and more deeply connect you with your intention

Each personalized ritual will come with instructions on how to perform your ritual and for how long. Also, once you receive your personalized ritual, you will be able to email or chat us with any questions.