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Your June 2021 Monthly Horoscope

Dear Magic Makers, the first week of June brings a soft, emotional backdrop to our days, punctuated by a few rough edges that can activate our strong and determined side. Keep in mind that we have three retrograde planets in the sky: this is a time for taking things slow and paying attention to what past situations are resurfacing in our lives. On the 2nd, love goddess Venus enters sensitive Cancer, where she will prioritize emotional safety and connection until the 27th. This is a great month for spending quality time with our families and expressing love in a nurturing, profound way. We’ll tend to be more reserved and traditional when it comes to romance, only opening our hearts to those we feel safe with. The first aspect of this new transit is Venus trine Jupiter on the 3rd, indicating abundance in love and depth of feeling. It will be easier than usual to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and to act in compassionate, generous ways. Emotions and creativity are amplified! At the same time, the Sun’s trine with Saturn supports us to keep a clear head and to communicate assertively, especially when it comes to our needs and boundaries. This is also a great time for organizing ourselves in learning or communication projects, particularly those we’ve started in the past! Finally, stay mindful of power games or conflicts with authority around the 5th. We’re supported to own our inner strength, but also our shadow side at this time; clashes with others might push us to get more intimate with both.

The second week of the month is a charged one! On the 10th, a powerful Solar Eclipse in Gemini offers the ultimate support towards balancing the throat chakra and moving forward on our path when it comes to learning, teaching, and communication of any kind. More than ever, thoughts become things on this Eclipse, so set your intentions and work with your mind to co-create the reality you desire. What new opportunities for learning, sharing, and connecting are coming up in your life? Especially if you have strong Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces energy, the changes that are happening right now could feel fated. Starting from the 11th, impulsive Mars moves into feisty Leo, where he will support us to express our bold, charming, and creative side, especially until the end of July. If you’ve been planning to work on your self-confidence or practice your leadership skills, this summer is the perfect time for it! Don’t shy away from taking a risk in love or investing energy in what you’re passionate about.

Is June intense enough yet? The third week of the month brings one of the most important astro events of 2021: the Saturn-Uranus square, an aspect that highlights tensions between the need for independence, change, and renewal… and, on the other hand, the call towards responsibility, structure, and stability. How are these energies playing out in your life? Look at how you’re being called to embrace change, especially on a material level, but to accept advice from those with more experience; to take a risk, but to have a backup plan in case things go wrong; to rebel against what no longer serves you, but to stay realistic about what you have to learn from the situation. Events happening now could mirror life circumstances from mid-February, prompting us to adjust the plans we’ve made then. How are you taking action, step by step, to manifest your goals? The Sun forming a tense aspect with dreamy Neptune offers support for any kind of artistic or spiritual activity at this time, but it also cautions us to stay realistic and to postpone judgment (if possible) about practical matters, since we could be missing/overlooking some info or seeing a situation with rose-tinted glasses.

The last week of June is great for letting go of what no longer serves us and working with the Universe towards healing. On the 20th, lucky Jupiter starts retrograding in Pisces, prompting us to rethink the way we share, set boundaries, and connect to spirit until July 28, when he returns to intellectual Aquarius. Even in retrograde, Jupiter in Pisces is still about abundance and growth, but instead of encouraging boundless dreams and generosity, it supports us to think twice before self-sacrificing, having unrealistic expectations from others, or following beliefs that don’t serve our highest good. Starting from this same day, we can feel the effects of a similar transit: Neptune retrograde brings a dreamy, ethereal kind of energy that supports us to go with the flow, relax, and connect to spirit in the ways that suit us best. This week, focus less on getting things done and more on rest, regeneration, and spirituality.

Also on the 20th, the Sun enters home-loving Cancer, marking the start of a season when emotional safety, stability, and comfort are at the top of our lists. What people, contexts, and activities make you feel nurtured and emotionally connected? This is what you need to focus on in the next month. The 21st is a perfect start for this Cancer season, supporting us with a highly intuitive, almost otherworldly vibe that’s great for creativity and love. It’s a time for empathy and healing. On the 22nd, Mercury goes direct after almost a month of retrogradation, putting an end to communication or transport mishaps and giving us the green light when it comes to learning, teaching, and communication-related projects. What deeper understanding did you gain about your thoughts, your interests, and your way of communicating? How can you integrate what you’ve (re)learned in the past month? The 23rd supports emotional healing and heart-to-heart conversations that could be challenging, but helpful in the long term. Notice how things that trigger you in others reflect unintegrated parts of yourself.

The 24th ends this powerfully healing week with a Capricorn Full Moon that brings us the rewards of past efforts and supports us to let go of perfectionism, fear of judgment, or patterns of overworking/procrastination in order to move forward in our career. This Full Moon could bring a promotion or a bonus for some of us, while others could feel supported to heal their father wound or to balance their work and personal life. Finally, on the 27th, Venus in Leo ends the month on a high note, bringing a cheery, flirty, and effervescent vibe that’s perfect for summer. Read below for your Sun Sign and Ascendant to see what this month has in store for you!

Read below for your Sun Sign or Ascendant to find out…