Evil Eye Sephoroton Pendulum

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-Do you have questions for your higher-self?
-Are you in need of answers so you can manifest your dreams?
-Are you getting mixed signals with your regular pendulums?

Then all you need is an Evil Eye Pendulum!


  • The Evil Eye Pendulum consists of two parts: a silver chain with an evil eye attached to one end to ensure your pendulum is slip free and the evil eye pendulum at the other end of the chain. Such a simple tool, yet filled with all the answers you need!

  • The Evil Eye Pendulum resonates with protective energy. The Evil Eye is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. It is believed that it protects from negative energy by directly reflecting it. As you ask your questions, the Evil Eye Pendulum resonates with strong yet soothing frequencies that call out your higher-self. As the energy from the pendulum connects with your energy frequency the power of the Evil Eye Pendulum begins to prod in the deep layers of your subconscious mind.

  • Whatever your question, whatever your troubles your subconscious mind knows the answers best. And the Evil Eye Pendulum knows how to tell you the answers. Slowly, yet surely as the Evil Eye Pendulum moves, all your answers will be revealed in front of your eyes.


Ask away and let the Evil Eye Pendulum show you all the answers that you need while protecting you from negative and low-frequency energies!

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