Resilient AF: A Crystal Kit to Heal A Broken Heart

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Breakups suck. No matter who breaks up with who, both parties walk away feeling the sting of failure. Of course it is always for the best that a relationship doesn't work out. Sometimes the break up lasts forever, sometimes you get back together, but either way that break was necessary. Something was broken within the relationship and the time on your own will only give you the clarity to figure out how to move forward in alignment with your higher self and highest good.  The tricky part about this is that this last point is super hard to see right in the throes of heartbreak. 

BUT, it doesn't have to be that way. You are a freaking magic maker and there's nothing in this life that with a little bit of intention and magic, you can't overcome. You are resilient af and you got this! It's time to rise, pull yourself up, make your own damn magic and move forward in alignment with your highest purpose.

This is why we created Resilient AF: A Crystal Kit to Heal A Broken Heart, to help you tap back into self love, gain some perspective and mend your broken heart. 

In our Resilient AF Crystal Manifestation kit we've included:

  • A Palo Santo Stick
  • A Tumbled Malachite Crystal
  • Three Clear Quartz Points
  • A Seed of Life Crystal Grid
  • An Pink Ritual Candle Holder
  • An Pink Ritual Candle
  • A Rose Quartz 8mm Stone Bracelet
  • A Magic Zipper Pouch

Each crystal manifestation kit also includes a robust digital instruction booklet to guide you through a suggested ritual to get you feeling resilient af again. Some steps in our ritual are:

  1. Cleansing and clearing your space and tools
  2. Creating the a ritual that aligns with your spirit
  3. Setting up the most magical crystal grid to make your intention known
  4. Turbo charging your ritual with a little candle magic
  5. Charging your your crystal bracelet for an extra boost

We also provide some additional tips, tricks and knowledge so you can use your intuition with the tools however you see best.

This heart break healing ritual was made to help you to take your power back! So, get it and start making your own magic now!

*Your kit comes in a sturdy pull out drawer box with silver design with tools that have been reiki charged and blessed.

*The box dimensions are 5.75 inches long x 5 inches wide x 1.5 inches tall.

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