Calm AF: An Anti Anxiety Crystal Calming Kit

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Things are crazy af right now. There is a virus threatening our health, we are quarantined in our homes for an indefinite time period, the government seems to be melting down, the media is on overdrive and if you are normal, calling your emotions steady is only a joke. Nothing is normal anymore. It’s a shitshow, apparently not written by Steven King, that we are all willing to be over yesterday.

BUT, that doesn’t mean you or your emotional state have to be a shitshow along with everything else. Look, none of us can control the external circumstances and the nature of the coronavirus (except to #staythefhome). However, what each of us can control is how we approach managing these out of the norm emotions we are going through. Face it, when you’re stuck in your home all day, you’re also stuck with all your feelings, with very little to distract you. You are forced to come face to face with the bathroom you haven’t cleaned in months, the roommate who keeps leaving dishes in the sink, problems in your relationship or how healthy (or unhealthy) your financial situation is. Instead of wallowing in those feelings, or worse, allowing them to run the show causing you to make unhealthy, rash, or irresponsible decisions, how about shifting focus to navigating these tough emotions in a way that allows you space and freedom to calm the f down?

With that in mind, we created an Anti-Anxiety Crystal Calming Kit to keep you Calm AF when John Legend serenading you via Instagram isn’t working. This kit has all you need to tackle life when anxiety starts escalating. Plus, it comes with a full digital instruction guide including how to use each item to the fullest and exercises to keep you calm af while you weather this storm.

The Calm AF: Anti-Anxiety Crystal Calming Kit includes:

  • a Larvikite Bead Bracelet to keep you grounded throughout the day

  • a Tumbled Amethyst Crystal to encourage peaceful sleep

  • a stick of sustainably sourced Palo Santo to cleanse your space and spirit

  • a piece of Selenite, liquid light, to add peaceful vibes to your working space

Plus our founder, a Reiki Master Teacher, has added some Reiki Healing Energy to every single kit boosting its calming possibilities! Get yours now for only $19, 20% of which we will be donating to a charitable organization of our choice and our very own Make Your Own Magic Fund.

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