Word of the Week – Passion

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on February 19 2018

When it comes to passion, it is widely confused with love. But what is the difference between them? Which is the one that you can’t live without, love or passion?

Passion is a very strong emotion and it can be very blinding. I bet you heard the phrase: “In the heat of the moment I didn’t think straight.” And for many people, this is the very definition of love. But love, true love wouldn’t blind you, it wouldn’t bring you down and it’s certainly not something that comes and goes.

Even so, is passion unhealthy? Is passion evil? 

One can say that all types of passion drive you into an abyss. But in my experience, passion and love can coexist, and fill the gaps between one another. Just think about it. Every person in history, every poet, writer, genius, and inventor, had a driving force inside of them. They loved what they did, but passion got them through it. Every hard decision, every insane attempt to do the unimaginable, to do something never before seen, it’s root was love but it’s driving force was passion.

And in reality, here and now, love is the magical flame in your soul and passion is what stirs it to grow larger. IT’s okay to be passionate when you love something, but it’s not okay to confuse love for passion. After all, how can you stir a non-existing fire?

So dream on, live on, love on with passion, and wake your magic! Your journey to creating your own damn magic has just begun!



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