Word of the Week – Intuition

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 20 2017

In life, we all have to make choices. While sometimes, the choices you have are no-brainers, others ones are more difficult. Sometimes our choices seem logical and responsible, other times they feel foolish and counter intuitive.

But, have you ever made a choice simply based on a strong urge you can't explain, even if it defied logic?

Something was drawing you to it, and the little voice inside you woke up and started screaming at you to pick that one. Against all odds, against all logic, just like that, everything inside of you shifts and while logically one choice is much better for you, at the same time you feel that no matter how good it seems, it’s still bad for you. That feeling, and that voice inside of you is called an Intuition. It derives from our basic instincts, it’s a hunch most of the time, but sometimes it can develop into something more. We are all more intuitive than we give ourselves credit, but some people have really strong intuitive powers – psychics. Have you ever had such experiences? Share it with us!

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