Word of the Week – Gemstones and Crystals

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on February 26 2018

When it comes to alternative methods of healing, the most known one is crystal healing. But, a lot of people seem to confuse gemstones with crystals.  What exactly is the difference between them? Well, crystals are usually a shape of repetitive bonds between atoms and molecules that form a 3D object. Gemstones can be crystals, but not all of them are. A crystal is not a gemstone. For example, sugar is a crystal, but it’s not a gemstone. So, according to this in crystal healing the there can be crystals that are used which are actually gemstones. But what sets apart gemstones form crystals? 

Gemstones, to be specified as such have to be:

Must be Minerals mined from Earth

Gemstones are pretty interesting on their own. There are some gemstones that are said that they are tied to the month that you are born in and there are some that are believed to emit different energies. After all, they are mined from the earth and as such are very powerful tools if used properly.

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