Word Of The Week – Gem Water

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on July 10 2019

Water is one of Mother Nature’s gifts. Without Water, there probably wouldn’t be anyone living here on Earth. And we aren’t exaggerating. When astronomers search for inhabitable planets, one of the most important factors in deciding if that planet is inhabitable or not is water. After all, 70% of our bodies consist of water, and we have the need to replenish our reserves on a daily basis. However, sometimes simply consuming water isn’t enough – sometimes, you need to take a closer look at the quality of the water that we are consuming.

Water is not only essential for our lives, but it also is a receiver of energy just like us. It reflects whatever it receives. Today’s sophisticated water supply systems seem to be breaking the very core of the water that we are drinking. They isolate it from its natural flow, and with it from all the energy-water is supposed to contain.

That’s where crystals come into the picture. Crystals contain within themselves different kind of energy that can be transferred to the water. It all depends on the type of crystal really. In a way, crystals help to cleanse the drinking water from any kind of negative energy and help to restore her once lost core as an energy receiver. Cleansed water that has been treated with crystals has a higher level of vitality and it even tastes different, somewhat cleaner. Besides cleansing it, the mineral crystals share their natural energy with the water and they leave a unique imprint on our very life force.

However, cleansing and re-energizing your water can be easier said than done. You have to dive in deep into the crystal world and learn all about the frequencies and consistency of the crystals and choose the correct method for creating your gem water. That’s why you can take things easy by simply using a crystal water bottle on a daily basis.

Even though they look like a fancy accessory, these bottles do have multiple benefits for your spiritual and physical health. Infused with a set of crystals, they purify the water that you drink, re-energizing, revitalizing the water and through this process, they also revitalize you. Each bottle is created with a specific mix of crystals, and each set has a specific purpose and energy. Whether you’d like to use crystals that vibe with the power of the moon to re-energize your water, or maybe you just like to improve your wellness routine, there is a crystal water bottle for your purpose.

Your body is your temple, and you should take better care of it. And what better way to do that than purify your water?



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