What Are The Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 21 2019

Himalayan Salt Lamps are suddenly very much in! Although they are simply mesmerizing and we understand how attractive they would look in any home, there is so much more to them. They provide so many benefits and are simply crucial when you are creating your own magic. Here’s what you should know about Himalayan salt lamps:

What are Himalayan salt lamps?

Himalayan Salt Lamps, are created by mined chunks of Himalayan salt. Although on the market there are a lot of fakes, the real Himalayan Salt Lamps are considered the ones created by chunks mined from the mines located in the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, because they are one of the oldest caves with Himalayan salt. There are three types of Himalayan salt lamps:

- Polished – The polished ones have a symmetrical shape such as a sphere, a raindrop, etc. They are mesmerizing to look at and are amazing to decorate any room.

- Rough Chunks – These ones are big chunks of mined Himalayan Salt Lamps, with a hole in the middle so that the lamp can be set. There aren’t two alike, because there are always different chunks, both in composition and color.

- Combination Of Both – These are usually created by a nicely polished bowl, in which the lightbulb is placed, and then on top of it, rough smaller chunks of Himalayan salt lamps are placed.

What are the benefits of using salt lamps?

So, now that you know all about what Himalayan salt lamps are, and what kinds there are, it’s time to learn how magical they are!

Creates a Mindful Space

If you want to restore the Zen in your home, then all you need is to reconnect with a piece of nature. To be more specific, a piece of the Himalayas themselves. By placing a salt lamp into your home, you are automatically creating a more peaceful space, because they carry the calming, soothing touch of Mother Nature. Just think of how relaxed you feel whenever you are near water, or in the park, or whenever you are in the mountains or in a forest. The same mindful, relaxing energy will be brought into your home as well with the Himalayan salt lamps. You can start off by putting one in your home, but we like to keep at least one in every room in our home.

Improves Overall Mood

Speaking of that serene feeling whenever you are in nature, and especially near water, did you know that there is also scientific evidence why this occurs? Well, near water in nature, the air contains large quantities on negative ions. These negative ions, help in increasing your serotonin levels – which is also known as the hormone of happiness in the body. Himalayan Salt Lamps, also release negative ions, although in smaller amounts than going to nature. Which is why we recommend using more salt lamps in your home, at least one in each room. That way, you will increase the negative ions in your air, which will help you unwind, and soothe you once you are at home.

Purifies Air

Besides helping in improving your overall mood, negative ions released from Himalayan salt lamps an also purify the air which you breathe at home. All of the electromagnetic pollutions of your most favorite technological gadgets releases positive ions, which pollute the air and your surroundings. Negative ions, bond with positive ions, and discharge them, thus purifying your air.

Improves Sleep

If you have been turning around in your bed, hopelessly trying to fall asleep sooner, then Himalayan salt lamps can also help you to improve your sleep and sleeping patterns. With the soothing energy, they bring from Mother Nature, the shimmering pink glow while burning and the negative ions in the air, you will feel more relaxed, and it will be much easier to fall asleep faster.

Reduces Stress Levels

No matter the harsh day you might have had at work, or even if it feels like your day was off, the positive vibes that the Himalayan salt lamps produce, will soothe you and nourish you back to your natural, high-frequency state. Stress and anxiety will melt away, as your magical spark is all lighted up.



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