Venus in Aquarius on January 2, 2023

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on January 05 2023

Venus in Aquarius: January 2 – January 26

After a trip through down-to-earth Capricorn, Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, is ready to break barriers and defy expectations during her yearly journey through eccentric Aquarius. After focusing on our values and our commitments during the past month, January brings a great time to explore more of what we enjoy and think outside the box when it comes to our relationships and partnerships.

Taking a Risk in Love

If you’re single, Venus in Aquarius increases your chance to find love if you step outside your comfort zone and get ready to explore different events, meet new people, and stay flexible when it comes to defining your “type”. During this transit, a relationship can be quick to begin, but it can fizzle out just as quickly if it’s only meant to be a learning experience. If you’re meeting someone for the long term, the relationship can be a fun, quirky, and unconventional one! 

Because Aquarius is the sign of groups and communities, it might be a good idea to attend workshops or meet your friends’ friends this month: whether you’re looking for a romantic connection or you’re simply excited to connect with like-minded people, this is a great month to get out of the house more often and seek happiness (Venus) in the heart of your community (Aquarius). Because we’re more likely to empathize with the underdog at this time, January is also a good month to get involved in humanitarian work or find different ways of giving back to others.

As the oddball of the zodiac, Aquarius brings a new perspective on love! When you let go of what you thought your ideal partner would behave or look like (as long as you’re still spotting the green flags and the red flags, of course), you’re more open to what life has in store for you right now. When Venus is in Aquarius, we can fall in love with people who are spontaneous, unconventional, intelligent, and dedicated to a higher social or philosophical ideal. 

Our tip: embodying the energy of Aquarius in your relationships can increase your chances to attract the right people in your life in January. When you’re bold and authentic, when you’re not afraid of your magic, when you express yourself through your unique looks and style, and when you’re honest about your beliefs and ideals, you’ve got the best chance to grow in your relationships. Our tip: wear a Chevron Amethyst Crystal Round Bead Natural Polished Bracelet this month; this powerful crystal can help you connect with your essence and show up authentically with others.

Love and Freedom

When relationship-oriented Venus moves through freedom-loving Aquarius, our connections can be successful if we respect each other’s personal space and treat each other as friends and equals. In love, friendship, and family relationships, this transit invites us to learn detachment and work through the common expectation that the other should fulfill all our needs. When we fill our own cup, we can show up with more confidence and practice healthy autonomy with others.

This is why Venus in Aquarius is a great transit for spending more time with friends, investing in our hobbies, and allowing our partners to do the same. For established relationships, January is a great month to grow by giving each other the space we need, but also by trying out new experiences together. 

Couple and family therapist Esther Perel advises long-term partners to rediscover each other by trying out novel experiences, where the person you’ve grown familiar with can reveal a side of them that you haven’t seen before. Whether you’re experimenting in the bedroom or going on a spontaneous trip together, Venus in Aquarius is a great transit to reignite the spark by stepping outside your established roles and routines.

Venus in Aquarius & You

If you’re an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, January is a great month to research your favorite subjects, make new friends, and focus on collaborating with others. You can easily find pleasure in socializing and learning: whether you’re reading more than usual, going to interesting events, or improving your communication skills, this is a month for making connections and finding pleasure in variety.

For Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, Venus in Aquarius brings a practical focus: January is a great month for socializing at work, finding pleasure in what you do, and enjoying the small delights of life. You’re invited to use your creativity and your charm at the workplace and you’ve got the best chances to meet someone new in a professional context.

For Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, this transit is great for love, creativity, and self-expression. January is the perfect month to meet someone new or enjoy beautiful moments with your current partner. You can feel more attractive than usual and you can make the most of your creativity and flair. Where does your heart lead you this month? How can you do more of the things that ignite your passion?

Finally, water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are experiencing a more quiet and introspective time in love and in their social life at this time. For you, love is all about emotional connection and vulnerability in January. You can enjoy spending more time at home, on your own, or with the people you feel comfortable with and you can either have a deep emotional bond with someone new or work on improving intimacy and awareness in your current relationship.

Here are a few key dates for this year’s Venus in Aquarius transit:

January 9. When love goddess Venus forms an easy aspect with passionate Mars, sparks are bound to fly – this is a great day for love, passion, and creativity. We can easily reconcile the feminine and the masculine at this time, both within and without.

January 11. Today, Venus forms a tense aspect with the Lunar Nodes, the points of karma and destiny. Outer events might challenge us to leave behind what no longer serves us in our relationships. We might process old wounds as we prepare for a new chapter. 

January 14. In a dynamic aspect with unpredictable Uranus, Venus might bring changes in our connections: whether someone unexpected catches your eye or you’re spicing up your current relationship, this is a great day to stay open to the unexpected. Because this is a tense aspect, some of us might be challenged to stay grounded in our relationships and give each other the space we need.

January 22. The yearly conjunction between loving Venus and Saturn, the planet of commitment and loyalty, brings an extra dose of realism when it comes to love, pleasure, money, and values, marking the beginning of a new cycle in these areas. Around this day, we’re supported to strengthen our commitment to those we love and set boundaries for our time and energy where needed. Self-love is the name of the game, especially if it isn’t as easy to receive validation from others at this time.

From January 26 to February 20, sensitive Venus will move through dreamy Pisces, inspiring us with an extra dose of hope, faith, and romance and inviting us to learn about empathy, unconditional love, and healthy boundaries.



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