Astro Alert: Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on May 13 2022

The atmosphere is charged around the 16th, when a Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio brings an emotional rebirth, a time when the Universe creates the right circumstances for processing and releasing old attachments.

The energy isn’t a light one, but depth and the courage to explore what lies in the shadows make up Scorpio’s essence, supporting us to embrace the natural cycle of (symbolic) death and regeneration. 

Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio:
May 16

May Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022

This spring’s Eclipse season continues with a supercharged Full Moon in Scorpio, a deeply emotional and transformative moment that highlights themes around desire, passion, fear, and wounding, supporting us to connect with our inner alchemist and to embrace a symbolic death and rebirth in the life area ruled by Scorpio in the birth chart. 

Full Moons are points of completion, when what we’ve started six months ago is coming to fruition. In the gritty sign of Scorpio, we’re talking about our deepest desires, our process of inner transformation, our resilience in the face of crisis and loss, and the resources we’re sharing with others (such as material resources, emotional energy, or intimacy). What is reaching a point of fulfillment or a time of crisis and transformation in these areas? What truths are coming to the surface in connection with a relationship, a difficult situation, or a context where your energy is shared with others? 

Eclipses can be connected to the North Node (dharma and life purpose) or the South Node (karma and attachment). With the Scorpio Eclipse happening close to the South Node, this sign’s natural inquisitiveness can reveal secrets, untangle mysteries (with Mercury retrograde, the focus is on revisiting and integrating the past), and offer insights into our deepest wounds and our most valuable inner resources. The purpose is to uncover the past so we can process, integrate, and release its emotional consequences.

In this process, we’re being called to find a balance between the Taurus Sun – our need to feel grounded, secure, and to focus on what is tangible – and the Scorpio Moon – our need to live intensely, to experience life as a series of transformations, and to take a closer look at its emotional and spiritual mysteries. Because Taurus and Scorpio, two fixed signs, can be quite stubborn when it comes to change, the challenge of this Eclipse can be linked to learning to let go, to allow a situation or a pattern to transform so we can align with a different future.

The balance between these two signs also plays out as the dance between feeling deeply and anchoring ourselves in the present, so we can create a safe container for our emotions. Scorpio Eclipses are powerful and transformative moments that require us to stay open to what is hidden, invisible, or repressed and to be radically honest with ourselves about what we need to leave behind. At the same time, the Taurus Sun reminds us of what is under our control: when things feel heavy, we can always reconnect with the body by using simple somatic practices or grounding rituals.

The need to let go and to accept the purification process that comes along with the Full Moon can be challenged by fears around vulnerability or change. The Eclipse forms an exact square with Saturn, the planet of karma, structure, and responsibility, an energy that brings the consequences of our actions and highlights past contracts and understandings. This steady planet supports us to take responsibility for our healing and to become more aware of karmic themes around attachment, desire, money, trauma, crisis, power, and commitment, finding ways to overcome past resistance and to persevere with both strength and vulnerability. Themes around guilt and responsibility can be active during this Eclipse, asking us to find a balance between a compassionate approach and holding ourselves (and others) accountable.

The T-square between Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius can bring up difficult situations (repeating life patterns) that can amplify rigidity or stubbornness, especially in the life areas mentioned above. This is a great chance to observe, allow, and release what has been keeping us stuck in the past, uncovering layers of resistance to access the wound and the treasure within. The Scorpio Moon trines Mars and Neptune in Pisces, offering a perfect cosmic context for healing: even if a part of us might tend toward negativity, compassion and courage are our main resources at this time. We’re supported to express our emotions creatively, tune in with the collective, and take gentle and brave action as we motivate and soothe ourselves during uncertain times. 

While Mars and Neptune in Pisces can bring an extra dose of sensitivity and empathy, offering strong support for our healing process, Venus and Jupiter in Aries activate the warrior within, prompting us to take action in situations where we would usually stay passive. The conjunction of Venus, the planet of love, with Chiron, the archetype of the wounded healer, shows that pain and healing can both come through our closest connections at this time. 

The opposition between Scorpio (ruled by Mars, the planet of war) and Taurus (ruled by Venus, the planet of peace) gains new meaning in a context that supports us to find new pathways toward healing and harmony. Easy aspects to this opposition can bring opportunities for emotional and material growth, asking us to take that difficult first step and to trust that the pieces will fall into place in their own time.

Those of us with strong Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius placements will feel the effects of this Eclipse the most (especially if there are planets or points around the 25th degree of these signs), but all of us are being called to meet our shadow side and to embrace a process of transformation in the life area ruled by Scorpio in the birth chart.


Eclipse Journal Prompts:

  • What truths am I being called to admit about myself, my life, and my choices?
  • What emotions are coming to the surface and how can I make space for both my light and my darkness?
  • What is coming to fruition in my life – especially in the area of finances, resources, inner transformation, and intimacy with myself and others – and what cycles am I being called to wrap up?


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