The third house- Pieces of a puzzle

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on August 08 2018

When you are trying to figure out your journey through the Astrology Houses, you have to learn a little more about every astrology house. Each phase of the astrology houses is a part where you grow as a person. On this astrology journey, we have come to the third house. The third astrology house can also be represented through the words - pieces of a puzzle. In this phase, you are learning about the world and developing patterns of communication with it. Everything you learn here will further define you in how you respond to the world. How you react to the world and the situation is what defines you as you.

Once he’s become at least slightly comfortable with the physical world, a new and fascinating dimension opens to the child: the world of words and ideas! This stage of our journey reveals first words, non-verbal interactions with the close environment and accelerated cognitive development. It is the area of perception, mental patterns, our way of receiving and giving information, in short: our interaction with the proximal environment, fueled by curiosity.

As we form ideas and opinions by first perceiving the reality around us, the third house is one of perception before being one of thoughts and words. What do we perceive? As children, the world that is closest to us: our neighborhood, our school environment, our classmates, our siblings and our extended family. The third house represents all of these things: pieces of a puzzle that we gather and try to make sense of, forming links between pieces of perception and information and between us and the world.

Look at the sign and the planets in your third house to see what’s your communication and thinking style, what mental patterns run as programs in your mind, how you experienced your early education years or how you get along with your siblings and relatives. This is the stage where our cognitive system develops and prepares the patterns through which we’ll, later on, assimilate the world.

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