The Word “Should” and Why to Erase it from your Vocabulary

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 02 2018

The word “should” is one of the most common words. Everyday millions of people are saying it. But, sometimes, words can be really powerful. Such is the case with “should”. It holds immense power, to bring you down. But how can a simple word as “should” affect people so negatively? How can one single word hold so much power over us?

Let’s talk about emotions. Every time you use the word “should” something within you clenches. It an itchy feeling that you can’t shake off. Sometimes it can even grow into guilt. But why is it so?

Well, the word “should” is kind of a reminder of all the right things that you were supposed to do, or were supposed to happen but didn’t. The silent words that you don’t speak after “should” are what eat you away.

I should’ve done better. And the silent words that are left unspoken but haunt you are – but, I didn’t.

But the whole issue can’t be all blamed on simply saying the word “should”. Those itchy feelings and thoughts that you have are the core of all the troubles. And by approving them with the word “should” and affirming that you haven’t done well out loud, they bring you down even further.

Sometimes, you are too harsh upon yourself. Sometimes, you did the best you could under the circumstances. And sometimes, you did exceptionally well but you just don’t give yourself credit. And its time for a change. It’s time to stop this self-destructive behavior and start appreciating yourself. If you live in the past, along with the things you “should’ve” done but didn’t you’ll never make room for all the awesome things you can do. So, break the cycle, give yourself some credit, banish the word “should” from your vocabulary and start getting things done. It’s time to move out fear out of your life along with the word should, and time to make some space for your own damn magic.

Because you are magical. You are exceptional and you are doing great. And you will only do better! We know it!



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