Astro Alert: The Sun In Leo

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on July 20 2020

We’re breaking free from this summer’s eclipses through a festive Leo season:  it’s that month of the year when the sun is up, good vibes are in the air and we’re letting go of troubles to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment. This can take many forms: a holiday, more time spent with friends or more passion invested in the things that bring us happiness and pleasure. This summer, let’s find the things that spark joy!

Things will start slowly, since the first week of this year’s Leo season (around July 22-29) still carries the lingering effects of the Cancer New Moon, so don’t be surprised if you’re a little moody or if summer isn’t as fun as it should be- we’re building up towards it.

The first week of August will bring a fresh wave of energy as the Sun forms a harmonious aspect with confident Mars in Aries, making it a great time for fun, games, and romance, perhaps even with a side of unconventionality as eccentric Uranus is squaring the Sun.

This bold, confident energy keeps being active past mid-August, supporting us to take risks and to speak confidently from the heart. Physical movement will also be essential during this Leo season- we’ll need an outlet for all this fiery energy! Enjoy your fun and your movement of choice and allow yourself to be led by your heart as you follow your passion wherever it might lead you.

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