The Stormiest Love Match For Your Sign

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on October 18 2017

Have you ever met someone who appeared to be your most perfect match but after a couple blissful weeks, they turned out to be your worst nightmare?  It started out with fireworks and sparkles, sweet kisses and phone calls into the wee hours.  You looked deep into each other’s eyes, shared your dreams, confessed your sins and made love like you’ve never made.  Fast forward a couple of weeks (days?) and you started to notice things.  Not big things at first, little quirks that made you pause but then you continued on with your perfect coexistence.  Then, the little spats over trivial but not trivial things start happening more frequently than you would like.  Shortly after, you spend more time navigating around each other’s triggers and less time in that blissful beginning you started with.  Finally, it’s over, and you have no idea WTF went wrong.  Well, lucky for you, Astrology helps us see exactly the signs you can avoid so you won’t have to go throw that BS ever again!  Check out the stormiest love match for your sign below.

For you, Aries, no one can drive you as wild and crazy as a Libra!  They will charm you with their smile and whispers that pull on your heartstrings.  You will love how they manage to always look stunning and can hold an engaging conversation with anyone.  They make you feel like you are the most special person in the world.  Until you realize they make everyone feel that way.  Eventually, you will find out they’ve only added you to their team, on the bench no less.  Maybe you’ll stick around long enough to play around but you will tire of not being their only prize. When Aries and Libra pair, in some ways they balance each other out.  In other ways, they are completely opposite.  Aries is fast and ferocious.  Libra is slow and deliberate.  At first, this might feel like fun, but after a while, Aries wants it to be over to move on to the next thing.  Libra will want to draw it out slow.  Yes, in lovemaking too.  Next thing you know, you’ll be overwhelmed by Libra’s millions of friends, tired of trying to keep up with their social calendar and their indecision over everything will start to drive you mad.  You will have much better luck with Sagittarius or Leo. 

When you first lay your eyes on a Scorpio, you feel an immediate, overwhelming chemistry, Taurus.  They pull you in with their smoldering gaze, making you feel as if they want to see your soul.  They will ask you penetrating questions, making you think they care to know you better than any past lover.  You will love talking with them and will do it often, sharing your deepest fears, insecurities, and dreams.  They will make you feel safe and secure.  Until they don’t, which will be when it occurs to you they’ve acquired quite a bit of data on you and you know very little about them.  You see, as steamy as the relationship with Scorpio will be, it’s a hard one to keep as you approach life a bit differently.  Taurus, you are simple, open and aim to be transparent.  Scorpio, on the other hand, is secretive, complex and inscrutable. This does not help with communication in the relationship. Also, you both can hold a grudge, but Taurus isn’t known for being vengeful.  Pissing off a Scorpio should never be on your to-do list, for if you do, you will suffer indefinitely as they strike both Achilles heels at the most advantageous moment ever.  This makes trust difficult to keep.  This might be one match you leave for someone else.  Give it a go with a Capricorn or a Virgo.

When Gemini and Sagittarius get together it’s as if they met their long, lost best friend.  You are a sucker for a good conversation, Gemini, and a conversation that is both intelligent and funny will have you diving into true love lake in no time.  Sagittarius will provide just that for you.  They will stimulate your mind and you will do the same for them.  You both can discuss a wide range of subjects and are avid learners, running to share whatever new bit of information you learn.  You will want to explore the world together and appear to both be on the same emotional level, mellow.  So what’s the issue? The only problem is that in a Sagittarius - Gemini pairing, they often forget to even venture into the bedroom, as their minds tend to work better together than their bodies do.  This leads to a second issue, if you’re not doing it with each other, then it’s likely one of you has ventured out.  Complicated, much?  At that point, all of those intellectual and philosophical conversations can quickly turn into bickering about mundane relationship issues which you both will lose interest in pretty fast.  A Libra or an Aquarius might be a much better match, especially in the bedroom.

Let's be honest, Cancer, you're one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac.  You have a great fondness for keeping a happy and comfortable home. When you first meet Capricorn you will greatly admire their work ethic and dedication to creating a family legacy to be proud of.  They will wine and dine you, clearing their usually busy schedule, providing you with just the right amount of attention.  You will enjoy cooking them a delicious dinner and listening to their work adventures.   It will be perfect.  Until it's not.  At some point, Capricorn starts working late more than usual and your romantic dinners get less and less frequent.  You start feeling like the side piece to Capricorn’s career and you've taken on more of the household tasks that you're comfortable.  When you bring this up, they tell you with uncanny coldness, how sensitive you're being and go back to work.  You are sensitive, Cancer, just to the antics of Capricorn.  You're better off with a Scorpio or a Pisces.

You are destined to shine bright, Leo.  You know it, everyone that meets you, knows it too.  That's why when you meet Aquarius, it feels like getting struck by lightning.  They are drawn to your shine.  You love their confidence and quirkiness.  You both strive to be originals, for different reasons, but nonetheless, at first, this works great!  Aquarius enjoys being social and showing you off to their friends.  Your friends dig are happy to have your Aquarius lover join the gang because they are so darn smart.  And this is where the issues begin.  Aquarius is very social, and sometimes a bit too social for the tastes of Leo.  Aquarius tends to be aloof and not as attached to personal relationships as Leo is, preferring to have a large network of folks around.  Leo goes for more intimate groups.  The spats start with issues around this incompatibility and quickly escalate accusations of major character flaws.  Aquarius will tell you that you’re self-absorbed and dramatic.  You will decide Aquarius is too cool for school and promptly move on to someone more your speed like a Sagittarius or Aries.

You’re searching for someone who is gentle and kind, Virgo, so when you first meet a Pisces it will feel magical.  They are patient, attentive and caring.  They will listen to your deepest thoughts and provide you comfort when you’re feeling overwhelmed.  You will love their intelligence and ability to go with the flow.  A Pisces artistic nature will put you at ease.  Until it doesn’t.  You are a great appreciator of order, cleanliness, and structure.  Pisces is the complete opposite.  They live for and often thrive in what will appear to you as ambiguity, disorder, and chaos.  At first, you might even try to help them get organized, tidying up for them.  Your lover will become annoyed that you are messing with their stuff.  You will beg them to not leave their latest artistic endeavor on in the middle of the floor, they will nag you about being more in the moment.  Eventually, you will decide that organization and structure is much more valuable than you realized.  You’re better off with a Capricorn or Taurus.

The sparks that fly between the first meeting of Libra and Aries is nothing short of magical.  These two click so quickly, seemingly balancing each other out nicely.  You dig the ruggedness of an Aries.  Their fast thinking and quick responses to pretty much everything eases your anxieties about decision making.  They make look life look so simple, and their confidence is magnetic.  They are proud to have you on their arm, as we know you are always well put together.  Your smile and charm make them desperate to see you again and again.  But as much as you enjoy the confidence of an Aries, their inability to think about things longer than 3 minutes start to wear on you.  Can’t they just consider more than their side every once in a while?  You will soon grow tired of how selfish they are.  They will nag you about the time it takes for you to account for all angles.  You might have more luck with a Gemini or Aquarius, Libra.  They will value your intellect a bit more.

There is no steamier match than a Scorpio and a Taurus.  You will feel a magnetic attraction to each other so powerful you will be unable to be in the same room without yearning to touch.  Your exploits will be so passionate, it will feel like feral.  The first few weeks of your courtship will keep you locked up and away from everyone else.  You will feel safe and in control with a Taurus, Scorpio, for some time.  Eventually, Taurus will want to return to some parts of their previous life before meeting you.  You will be cool with this at first, but as time goes on, you will feel like the emotional depth you experienced, in the beginning, has gone away.  Or was the depth even there to begin with?  Did you confuse it with your lovemaking?  As you try to figure this out, Taurus will grow agitated, growing more and more steadfast in their desire to spend time away from you, calling you needy.  You will also grow more firm in your desire to create more emotional intimacy.  Eventually, you will both give up and move on.  You will have much better luck with finding the emotional intimacy you crave with a Pisces or a Cancer.

Curiosity will draw you to a Gemini, Sagittarius.  You’ve always dreamed of having a partner to explore the world with.  Gemini will charm you with their wit and intellect.  You love all of the new information and ideas they bring your way.  Your lives will be active and lively, filled with loads of social activity.  You both enjoy personal freedom and give each other just the right amount of space.  The only issue is that your lives are active everywhere except for in the bedroom.  Together you make mental fireworks, but lackluster sparks in the bedroom.  You will grow bored of Gemini’s constant jumping from subject to subject, from interest to interest, job to job.  They will grow tired of your growing list of crusades to save the world.  A Gemini’s attention span might be just a tad bit short for you Sagittarius.  You will have much better luck with an Aries or Leo.

You are quite busy working on taking over the world, Capricorn and your ideal partner is one who not only understands this about you but someone who will support you while you are at it.  When Cancer comes around, it feels like you’ve finally found the one.  Cancer is all about home and family.  This nicely complements your desire to build a family legacy, and Cancer is already alleviating some of your domestic duties.  They make you nice meals, listen to your work escapes and gives good back rubs.  You are secure, stable and consistent, they appreciate that in a lover.  Then comes a big project at work, and you need to focus.  Cancer might not respond as well as you had hoped.  You like personal interaction, you really do, but not at the expense of your career.  Cancer put their friends and family above all else.  They don't get you as well as you had hoped and resentment builds.  It’s best to try again with a Taurus or Virgo, as they will get this about you.

When you first laid eyes on your Leo lover, you were drawn to their warmth.  They had a way about them that made you feel you weren’t the coolest person in the room.  They were generous with their appreciation for your quirkiness and intelligence.  As your courtship continued, they introduced you to their friends and acquaintances.  You wooed them with your savvy, smiling brightly on the arm of the leader of the pack.  But then, Leo wanted to start spending more and more time with you and their friends, leaving you with less time for your social circle.  Aquarians tend to have a large network of associates and friends, which they take great pride in nurturing and growing.  Leo likes to keep a close-knit group of admirers.  You need diversity and range, Leo needs depth with more personal connections.  Leo also tends to be too dramatic for your tastes, turning the simplest items into a production of mass proportions.  You don’t have the time for all that, Aquarius, you might have a much better go with a Libra or Gemini.

You’re a free spirit Pisces and love for nothing more than the freedom to march to the beat of your own drum!  When you meet Virgo, their kindness and gentle nature tugs at your heartstrings.  For you feel like you have met a kindred spirit.  They love your artistic nature, patience, and attentiveness.  You love how grounded and stable they are.  You feel a little emotionally safer than you felt yesterday with a Virgo sharing your bed.  Until you don’t.  You might start to notice how Virgo is constantly tidying up, misplacing your possessions, calling it organizing.  They don’t see how you have organized everything in your mind, and you left every exactly where you needed it to be.  You don’t love to plan every minute of your day out, you need to have the flexibility to go with your whims and have adventures that cannot be planned.  Virgo needs to plan every single detail of their existence, and this begins to annoy you more.  They will grow tired of your calm in the face of ambiguity and you will bicker endlessly.  Choose freedom, Pisces, for it is your nature.  A Scorpio or Cancer will understand this about you more than most.  Give it a go with one of them. 

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