Astro Alert: Saturn Direct In Capricorn

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on September 28 2020

Around the 28th, a past relationship or relationship issue can resurface. We definitely have the tools to find balance and to ignite passion where passion is due. Finally, on the 29th, Saturn turns direct in Capricorn, ending four months when we’ve felt pressure, limitations, and the need to reconsider our boundaries and our approach to work.

The last days of September can be pretty intense as Saturn forms a tense aspect with retrograde Mars in Aries; we could feel like it’s difficult to move forward in matters linked to work, authority, personal projects, self-assertion. It helps to see this time as a test for our will and courage. How much do you want to climb that mountain? As Saturn starts moving forward again, all the work that we’ve been doing during these past months will be easier to channel into a productive direction.

Saturn Direct In Capricorn: September 29

Good news: Saturn is the second planet resuming its forward movement in Capricorn this month! By the start of October, issues that we’ve been reconsidering for the past four months when it comes to working, ambition, long-term goals, social status, rules and regulations, our relationship with authority will finally shed some of their weight, allowing us to start moving forward with our plans.

Two planets going direct in Capricorn could mean clearer rules about how society can function during the pandemic and finding a way to integrate the long-term changes that Covid-19 has brought to our way of living, loving, and working. Between September 24 and October 3, when Saturn will be stationed, we could go through key events linked to social structures, rules and restrictions, personal and social responsibility, work, and self-discipline. 

Whatever comes upon a personal and social level during the Saturn station, the best way to work with this energy is to be clear about our priorities, our boundaries, and our responsibilities. Let’s keep in mind that Saturn loves it when we postpone instant gratification for the sake of a higher purpose or a long-term plan, even (or especially) when things are difficult. Between September 24 and October 3, let this be our mantra. With Jupiter and Saturn now direct again in Capricorn, our efforts from the past months will be paying off soon!

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