Real-Life Heroes!

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Posted on March 09 2018

Sometimes things happen in this world that is just cruel and unfair- there is no reason, no justification, no other plan to combat real-life heartache and the painful experiences that leave us asking why do these things happen? There is no reason for some of them but if we look close enough we can see the power and beauty of people who during these times feel powerless. Behind these hidden doors lie heroes of heartache who feel anything but. Behind these painful experiences lie beautiful bonds and connections that help pull us through together. Real life beauty, strength, and angels are on earth. If we look close enough we can see we are this living miracle- no matter how these experiences project inside- I can see your truth and the miracle you really are.

It is the mother who shows up for her child, despite having just lost her second baby. She shows up with the nothing she has left and found it in herself to give something to her child here with her now. But she finds more than something to give- she continues to love despite her broken heart- she continues to cherish despite her growing fears.

She is the strength, beauty, and love no matter what she thinks.

She is light, she is a hero.

It is the woman battling leukemia for the second time after it being in remission. She hires help for her children and appointments, yet somehow gives more to the person helping her despite her unknowing, pain, fear, and physical illness. Her stubbornness to do for herself, and always keep doing what she wants (despite medical opinion) signifies her true strength and love of life and her children. She continues to make and do things (particularly artsy and crafty) for others while she has to get blood work and chemotherapy. Her energy and light shine so strongly, and her love for her family keeps her fighting like no one I've ever encountered- despite how she feels inside. She is light, she is a hero. Her cancer is also is in remission.

It is the single mother with two kids- one with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She is not just one of the hardest workers I've seen but she always shows up for her children. She has so much on her plate- but she nurtures both of her children as if the world is not as heavy as it must feel at times. Beyond that, she finds time to be a coach (for her daughter's team), takes her son to multiple medical appointments and studies in the city, and make frequent trips with her kids pretty much making the rest of us look bad! She comes home every day and finds the time to be there for her children immediately. She is power, she is light, she is a hero.

It is the man and woman who created an entire organization with one common denominator- beautiful children with a diagnosis of autism. They turned the whole experience upside down and created an agency that provides training, support, and whatever you can possibly think of to help others not only be the best they can for their children- but kick anyone's butt who is in the way of the best possible outcome for their babies. The fire in their heart shines through every time they speak, and they work diligently and put in more time and effort than anyone I've encountered. They even picked up some intern on the way who had a lot more to learn- and no one better to learn it from.

They are fire, they are the strength, they are love. Despite being overworked and despite their daily battles- they serve others.

They are heroes.

It is a day program you may not even know exists servicing people with mental health issues. People who have been coming through their revolving door for years with nowhere else to go. This place is their second (or first) home. One that despite its ancient (sorry I had to) walls and people manage to put their burn out aside and show up over and over again for people who need it most. With holiday celebrations, groups, games, and of course morning coffee that reminds us that we are all a part of the same community- we all belong to one another. We can all shake our butts to a DJ and forget who we are, and allow our labels to dissipate because at the core we are all human- we all just want to have fun. These people are angels despite their perceptions or exhaustion from working so hard. They are light, they are heroes, and they always show up.

Life is hard, at times downright heartbreaking. But behind every corner, these ordinary people are nothing but remarcable. The people I remember most in my life are remembered by what they do and how they love- the ones who really impact and really make a difference are remembered for the light they shine in dark places. They see themselves as ordinary, their perceptions do not matter. They are walking angels mending wings so everyone can fly home together. And I am blessed to have encountered them all.

So while you are out there today remember to open your eyes a little bit wider- for you may be amongst some of these angels- and if you're lucky they may just touch and change your life.



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