Must-Have Crystals And Candles For October Aries Full Moon

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on October 07 2019

On the 13th, we have a Full Moon in Aries that is sure to make our blood boil- hopefully not with anger, but with passion and excitement. How have you been taking initiative and fighting for what you believe in since April? How have you been marrying self-interest with collaboration?

This Full Moon forms a lucky pattern together with the Sun and Jupiter, making it a time when masculine energy is at its peak and when solutions to our problems could appear serendipitously. At the same time, it’s not all fun and games. Tense aspects with Saturn and with Pluto show that we’re likely to feel limited or blocked in some way, especially in our relationships.

Karmic issues could intensify, asking for a conclusion, for a transformation of some kind. If you’re feeling angry or restless, sweat or shout it out- this is not a time to sit on the fence (as long as you remember moderation and the smallest bit of patience, to avoid frustration).

Because the upcoming Full Moon is as feisty as Aries could be, it’s very important to work on bringing more harmony, restoring your balance in hopes that you will be more patient through your transformations and upcoming heightened emotions.

Here are a few ways to restore balance with crystals and candles:

1. Smokey Quartz

If you are looking to ground yourself and finally dissolve those negative patterns, then truly there is no other crystal that can do a better job. Once you program your Smoky Quartz with your intentions, it amplifies the energy of the light, letting it shimmer, ground and heal you in the process. Its unique energy signature gives off a serene, gentle frequency which is why Smoky Quartz is used for releasing energy, and letting go – perfect for a full moon ritual.

For this Full Moon, it’s especially important to have a reliable crystal like Smokey Quartz by your side, to keep you away from falling under the same old negative patterns, causing new issues and misunderstandings. Ideally, it would be best to wear smokey quartz jewelry so that you can keep yourself at check at all times, but if you prefer to only meditate and work with smokey quartz at home, a tumbled stone will also help.

2. Root Chakra 50 Hour Candle

Because the Full Moon is in Aries, most likely feisty emotions will erupt from all sides. To keep your balance in check at all times, it would be best to ground yourself, remain objective and see the bigger picture at all times. That is why this is a critical time for keeping your Root Chakra healthy and with proper energy flow.

As the name itself says- the Root Chakra is the foundation of all the other Chakras and it comes as no surprise since its element is Earth. When the energy flows through this Chakra center different kinds of emotions are felt and most of them are about feeling stable and anchored in reality. Security, true perspective and survival are the three key elements that the Root Chakra rules over to keep you grounded and safe.

During this Full Moon, it’s important to work on your Root Chakra balance. We recommend doing a focus meditation with a Root Chakra candle each day to make sure you won’t get overwhelmed by emotions during the full moon.

3. Amethyst Crystal Sphere

Amethyst was considered as a real treasure throughout history, often sold for the worth of a diamond. Ancient Romes were using it as a charm to protect from intoxication - they believed that if you drink from a cup with amethyst crystal the wine was made powerless to intoxicate.

Today, we all know that Amethyst is your go-to crystal for any need – especially for harnessing calmness and letting go of negative vibes. Which makes it perfect for crystal healing work during the Aries full moon.

We recommend meditating with two Amethyst Crystal Spheres in each hand, to harness calmness, resolve, letting go of negative vibes, and even improve your sleep.

Since we are dealing with a full moon in Aries, even waking up cranky can be a catalyst for disaster! Make sure you meditate twice a day with your crystal spheres, and keep your emotions in check at all times!

4. Peace 7 Day Candle

Laying low, and avoiding conflicts during the Aries full moon is the perfect way to avoid creating big issues, for no reason. This is your moment to shine, and to transform into a wiser, calmer version of yourself by overcoming your own emotions.

We recommend burning a 7 Day Peace candle, or even a Reiki Healing Herbal Pillar Candle each day at least for an hour to help you overcome struggles and emotional disturbances. The already set intention, combined with the reiki healing energy our founder seals into each product before shipping out, will help you to find inner and outer peace and arise victorious over your emotions!

Tune in to our blog to learn more about the 2019 Aries Full Moon!



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