Astro Alert: Mercury Retrograde Incoming

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on January 25 2021

On the 30th, Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius, marking the beginning of three weeks when we’ll reprocess, reconsider, and review January’s events, reflecting on our desire for freedom and perfecting our ideals before we act upon them.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius: January 30-February 21

Between January 30 and February 21, Mercury does its usual backspin through the skies, this time in the friendly, community-oriented, and eccentric Aquarius. The first three weeks of February will be a time of reconnecting with old friends, reconsidering past projects and ideals, and reflecting on our role in the larger community, all evocative of the strong focus that 2021 brings on this freedom-loving zodiac sign.

Mercury retrograde usually makes us feel like we’re speaking different languages, prompting us to take it easy with external communication (especially technology, notorious for betraying expectations at this time) and logical thinking in favor of quiet reflection and right-brain creative processes. In the unconventional sign of Aquarius, Mercury retro brings cosmic sundae vibes that support us to think outside the box and to stay receptive to insights and flashes of inspiration.

It’s not the best time for moving forward with our plans, especially if they’re related to tech, science, astrology, or community; instead, we’re supported to reconsider our approach, to revisit past info, to work out the kinks in our projects, and to reconnect to old contacts and ideals. After February 21, we’ll be supported to move forward with a clearer sense of direction.

Around February 13, when Mercury conjuncts Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius, we could encounter old friends or be met with valuable opportunities that connect us to both the past and the future. It’s a great time for broad-minded thinking, sharing of ideas, and contributing to the community.

Towards the end of the retrograde, we could feel a sense of limitation, whether it’s from external obstacles or from our own insecurities. We could be called to revisit old thought patterns and feelings around authority, rebellion, or belonging, finding ways to organize our activity better and bring change by building on old structures rather than bringing them down. Mercury will also stay locked in a square with Mars in Taurus during the retrograde, challenging us to stay centered, yet flexible if opinion clashes arise.

Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will feel this retrograde season the most; the stubborn nature of these signs will be challenged to reflect on their certainties and to open up to unpredictability.

Avoiding black and white thinking and opening up to different perspectives, even when we’d rather stick to our rules, will benefit all of us in February. With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, it’s time to go with the flow of change and to cook up old dreams into future projects.

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