Meditation Altar - Why do you need one?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 08 2018

In today’s way of life, if you want to get things done you have to be quite the busy bee. So many obligations pile up and with them, stress comes uninvited in your life. Through a simple habit of meditation, you can overcome the everyday difficulties. But that is easier said than done, because of your busy lives. Don’t worry though, there is an easy way to stick to your new habit – build a meditation altar! 

If you are planning on sticking through your daily meditations, then building a meditation altar is the key. Now, don’t get crazy ideas, a meditation altar is a tidy space in your home that holds all your meditation tools. In simple words, a meditation altar is a small zen place of your home, where you will devote your time to meditation.

Why do you need a Meditation Altar?

Now, we know what you might be thinking – meditation is something that can be practiced every day, anytime and anywhere. Why go to all the trouble of building a meditation altar? If you want to stick to your habit and change your life for the better then you have to make an effort for it. Trying to meditate without any kind of support system that will keep you focused is like not wanting to unpack your toothbrush to wash your teeth. You have the tools, you have the will, but you don’t want to make the effort to do it. Building a Meditation Altar is a great benefit for your journey inwards and here is why you should do it:

1. The Act of Clearing Space

One of the first steps into building a Meditation Altar is to make space for it. It doesn’t matter how much space you clear it just matters that you are doing it. With this act you are not only physically clearing space but also spiritually. You are ready for bringing change into your life and by doing so, you will transform your life into something magical. Remember, by making the space for change, change will take its place into your life.

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2. To stay devoted

Meditation is not something you do today for your life to magically change in an instant. Meditation should be a lifelong habit that you take time to develop every day. One that you will nurture, nourish and practice every day. This is not something that is easily achievable by its own. By building a Meditation Altar, you will have a special place in your home that will serve as a reminder to practice Meditation. And by keeping your Altar clean and tidy, peaceful and calm energy will always overcome you when you see it in your home.

3. Manifestation

By having different meditation tools to help you during your Meditations you will improve your focus. Which means no more dosing off and no more wandering off with your mind. By improving you focus your Meditation practices will only become more successful. And in time, by planting deep spiritual roots that will help you endure any storm that life will throw at you, you will grow and manifest your magic.

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