Astro Alert: Mars Enters Taurus

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on July 01 2022

Starting from the 5th, gritty Mars enters the placid sign of Taurus, marking the beginning of a transit that supports slow, methodical, and steady action. After the impulsive energy of Mars in Aries, the next month and a half is a great time to come up with a plan and test your ideas against reality.

This same day marks the start of a shorter two-week transit: Mercury, the messenger god, enters maternal Cancer, supporting us to communicate with empathy and to listen to our intuition when we take in new information or make a decision. 

July 5 – August 20

Mars Enters Taurus Meaning And Benefits

After a power transit through Aries, fiery Mars shifts gears on July 5, when he moves into the slow and steady sign of Taurus. During the past month and a half, many of us have felt the need to take immediate action and speed up positive changes in our lives. While this has been a time of initiative and passion, the following phase of the Mars cycle supports us to look at the impulses that have motivated us until now and to find practical and sustainable ways of achieving our goals.

Because Mars, the god of war, doesn’t exactly feel comfortable in the quiet and peaceful sign of Taurus, this transit can bring up feelings of frustration, especially for those of us who are used to a more dynamic approach. However, what Mars in Taurus lacks in speed and initiative, it makes up for in stamina and endurance: the following month and a half is great for setting long-term goals and dividing them into smaller steps. Even if it might not always be easy to set ourselves in motion, we can rely on the force of inertia to keep us moving forward. This is a great transit for using the power of routine and finding growth by building a healthy comfort zone.

Mars rules our instincts and Taurus rules the senses. When these energies combine, we have one of the most passionate transits in a two-year cycle: our need for physical intimacy grows and we’re more likely to seek out the simple and grounding pleasures of life. We can be more responsive to stimuli that awaken our senses and we’re supported to go the extra mile to fulfill our needs and desires. In bed, a slow and sensual approach can be the most appealing at this time; with Mars in Taurus, the whole body is an erogenous zone… and love often goes through the stomach, so a romantic dinner might be just what you need to create the right mood.

Mars Enters Taurus Meaning And Benefits

Beyond pleasure, financial security can be another important motivator during this transit: it’s a great time for developing a skill, being proactive when it comes to marketing our services, or expanding a business. The focus is on initiative and growth (Mars) in the material plane (Taurus). What brings you comfort and pleasure and how can you take action in these directions? 

As a challenge, some people might rely too much on material comfort, resist change, or allow jealousy and possessiveness to get the better of them at this time. It can be helpful to ask ourselves where we tend to hold on too tightly and where we can benefit from a more relaxed and confident approach to money or relationships.

The transit of Mars through Taurus is a relatively peaceful one up to the first days of August, when a conjunction with the North Node of destiny and a meeting with Uranus, the planet of change and revolution, can mark one of the most tense (and, hopefully, liberating) times of the year. This is a moment to be bold and to break free of old limitations, but also to act with moderation where we’d tend to be reactive and radical. August 7 asks us to stay patient with the transition, persevering in the face of obstacles (and accepting what we can’t change for now), while August 14 brings an extraordinary power to act with confidence and resilience. All in all, Mars in Taurus is bound to be a surprising and transformative transit.

Those of us with strong Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius energy can go through the most changes during the next month and a half, but all of us are supported to take action and welcome change in the life area ruled by Taurus in the birth chart.


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