How to use a Four Elements Healing Talisman?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 17 2019

When you are working on healing yourself, and improving the energy flow around you the best tool to use is four elements healing talisman. Small, but mighty these tools are an absolute joy to work with because they offer so much. Here is what you need to know about healing talismans:

What is a Four Elements Healing Talisman?

Four elements healing talisman is a tool that has massive healing potential. Each healing talisman has two attributes to it – the material from which it is made and the four points. Often, the four elements healing talismans are made from different crystals which makes them more useful for some specific rituals. The four points of the healing talismans signify the main elements of nature that create the very life force:

  • Water

  • Earth

  • Fire

  • Wind

By drawing energy from each element, the healing talisman works as a balancer – no matter the disbalance in elements in the life force around you or within you, the healing talisman will always return the elements to their proper energetical values.

How to use your Four Elements Healing Talisman?

The thing is, healing talismans have massive energetical and healing properties, so there is not one right way to use it. There are simply endless possibilities of creating your magic with your healing talismans. Here are some of them:

Focus Point in Rituals

One of the most common uses for a healing talisman is as a focus point for your altar during your rituals. When you are performing a ritual, the most important piece is always your focus point, because your focus point is the tool that helps you focus and directs the energy in the right way.

Depending on the material from which a healing talisman is made some healing talismans are easier to use for specific rituals. For example – if you want to boost your intuition, and learn more about your subconscious mind and higher self an Amethyst Healing Talisman is your best choice, if you want to set intentions and manifest and clear quartz Healing Talisman will help you do a better job at it.

However, that doesn’t mean that a healing talisman can’t be used for any ritual. If you have performed multiple rituals, you already have an easier time to adapt your energy frequency for the specific purpose for that ritual, but if you are a newbie, getting a specific healing talisman that will help you tune yourself to the right energy frequency is better.

Healing & Dissolving Energy Blockages

As the very name suggests, a healing talisman can also be used to heal yourself, and dissolve any energy blockages within your body or home. We often like to combine it with different combinations of candles that have intentions set in them like the Reiki Herbal Pillar Candles. To re-energize your home, body, mind, and spirit and dissolve any negative vibes we most commonly use the combination of the following candles:

- Reiki Herbal Pillar Candle – Healing

- Reiki Herbal Pillar Candle – Cleansing

- Reiki Herbal Pillar Candle Confidence

Set each candle in order, at each point of your healing talisman, starting from the left side. Then light each candle one by one. Sit in front of the fourth point of your healing talisman – completing the circle. Breathe in and breathe out, and focus on the healing talisman. Let its frequencies envelop you. Focus on how you are feeling, and how the flow of energy shifts in your home.

Breathe in and breathe out, feeling every inch of your vibrate with the energy of your healing talisman. Feel the energy blockages within you dissolve, and the itchy vibes flowing out of your body and your home. Take a few more deep breathes. Once you are ready, close your eyes and focus on the scents of the candles. Let the aromatherapy nourish you and calm you down. Take deep breaths. You can open your eyes when you are ready.

Bring Your Healing Talisman At Work

Besides its massive energetical and healing properties, the healing talisman is quite compact, which allows you to bring it with you. We like to bring a healing talisman everywhere with us, but the most important place where we keep one is at work.

You never know what kind of vibes gather and flow at your workplace and when your job is being extra stressful it’s hard to create any magic. So, bring a healing talisman with you to promote positive life force flow, as well as soothing, healing frequencies that will help you have enjoyable work experience. After all, even your work can be part of the magic that you create!

We hope you found this guide helpful!



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