The Best Magical How To Meditate Beginner Guide

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 04 2018

Every day more and more responsibilities pile up on you. For today’s modern time it’s a natural occurrence for this to happen a lot. The stress and anxiety of it all are a very unhealthy way of life for you. Luckily you can lead a better, healthier and more fulfilling life through the simple habit of meditating. By practicing meditation you can transform your life. But then the question arises:

How to Meditate?

We have an awesome beginner guide to meditation just for you guys. It’s time to become more aware, more calm and let go off all the stress and anxiety. Let joy take place in your heart and overwhelm you in every aspect of your life through practicing meditation. And here is how to do it with this simple yet effective beginner meditation guide:

1. The Right Atmosphere

You could meditate anywhere but the thing is, you should like what you are doing and what better way to meditate than make the perfect atmosphere? Put on some candles, essential oils, some relaxing music, nature sounds or simply do it in silence, whatever you want, whatever makes you feel the positive vibe. Then meditate away!

2. The Right Position

Meditating is usually connected to sitting cross-legged but it doesn’t have to be in that position. Some people even prefer to walk while meditating. So, don’t worry about that at all!

3.  Use a timer – That way you won’t be thinking about how much time there is left of your meditation session and you can focus better on what you are doing.

4. Short Meditations at First – I recommend starting with something simple, with some short meditations which focus on concentration. These are usually short sessions of Meditation, 10-20 minutes per session, and you are trying to focus on your breathing, a flame of a candle, repeating a mantra or counting on beads. You should choose something that is the easiest to focus on at first and try to do that.

Quick Meditation Notes:

- The main goal of these Meditations is to train your mind to concentrate and to get to know yourself, so focusing on your breath or on the way your blood pulses in your body will help you be more aware.

- Don’t try to not think, there must be many thoughts in your mind but the key is not to immerse yourself in them, just recognize that you have them and let them go as they pass through your mind. Just focus on what you are doing.

Click below and check out this one minute video for Meditation, it's awesome!

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