The Terror Barrier: How to break through the terror barrier?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on August 03 2018

The Law of Attraction is constantly working. Not just for you, but for everyone. It's like an echo. What you send out comes back to you. But, this time you are not using your voice but, rather your emotions and mindset. Every time that you think that you can or can't do something, you are right! And when you are thinking that you can't do it and you are scared, that's when you know that the terror barrier is lurking around the corner. So, you might be wondering what is a terror barrier and how to break through it? 

What is the Terror Barrier?

The terror barrier is a concept that represents an invisible border of your making. When you are making changes in your life, anxiety and fear hit you like a brick. "What if I can't do this?", "What if everything goes wrong?", "Everything will never be the same.". As these thoughts overwhelm you whenever you are making a change, the terror barrier is there waiting for you. Once you take the next step, your life will never be the same. And slowly but surely, you are letting the fear and anxiety drag you further away from your goal into the old life and habits. You can read more about terror barriers and their meaning here.

How to break through the Terror Barrier?

The first thing that you have to understand is that you shouldn't blame yourself for creating the terror barriers. We are all creatures of habit, and even if you hate to admit it, you probably like living with your habits. But, comfort isn't going to get you anywhere. Change will. And that change starts with you! So let's smash right through that terror barrier with these tips and manifest the life of your dreams!

Believe in yourself

All the self-doubt, all the negative thoughts, it's time to kiss them goodbye and banish them from your life. Each thought that you have creates an emotional response from you. That emotional response comes from your subconscious mind. And each emotion is a vibration. So, when you are letting the negative thought overwhelm you, you are sending negative vibes that the Law of Attraction will just bounce back to you.

Even worse, if you are about to reach your goal, fear and anxiety will hit you harder than before. And if you don't control your thoughts and let them overwhelm you, guess what? That terror barrier will be there, waiting for you. Learning how to control your mind and thoughts is very important. And it all starts from believing in yourself. Become your own personal cheerleader in your mind. Praise yourself when you do something right, be kind to yourself when you make a mistake and don't take yourself too seriously! Of course, this isn't an easy process which is why you should consider meditation and some manifestation tools to help you along the way.

Keep moving

Let's say that you are approaching the terror barrier in your life. Or, you've hit the terror barrier, and it bounced you right back where you started.  What now? Fear and anxiety are breathing down your neck or, a sense of comfort is overwhelming you. The trick is to keep going! If you hit the terror barrier 10 times, get up and start over. If you are sensing fear as you approach the terror barrier don't get paralyzed by it. Just remember, you are the architect of the terror barrier. You've built it, and only you know how to smash the terror barrier.  So keep walking. No matter how tiny the steps, no matter the times you failed, MOVE! Because you can do it, you just have to let yourself.


Every time you are about to bring major change into your life, the terror barrier will be there waiting for you. It's not evil or anything, it's just a mechanism. But the key here is on what you are focusing. If you are thinking: "Oh no, the terror barrier is here, this will be so hard for me, what am I gonna do?" , and let yourself be discouraged, you are not doing yourself any favors.

Instead, shift your perspective. Any situation has two sides. In every bad, there is good if you are looking for it. And the terror barrier has two sides as well. On the one side is the hardship, fear, and anxiety and on the other is the knowledge that if that terror barrier is near, so is your goal. It means something amazing is going to happen to you! It means you are just one step away from the life you dreamed about! So, don't get discouraged, march on and smash that terror barrier!


You don't have to know every step of the journey before you start it. If you do know all the steps, then what is the point? How will you grow and learn anything new in this process? Every change comes with its own set of hardships but, that doesn't mean that you should give up. Yes, breaking the terror barrier is hard, but living the same life and dreaming of a better one is worse. Whatever hardships stand in your way, whatever the terror barrier has in store for you, don't give in! Remember your goal and how much better your life is going to become once you reach it. Visualize your dreams. And remember them in each step of the journey. Even if you trip and fall, always keep your goal in mind! 

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