Astro Alert: Full Moon In Taurus Incoming!

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on October 26 2020

Finally, an electric Taurus Full Moon is the cherry on top for this packed month. On the 31st, the Moon forms an exact conjunction with revolutionary Uranus as she opposes the Scorpio Sun. This is bound to be a transformative moment when buried emotions come to the surface, while old habits and attachments are being put to the test.

What is shaking up in your life in the area of finances, material security, and personal values? What does the Universe push you to let go of to make space for a new desire, perhaps something you’ve been working on for the past months? Read below for your Sun Sign and Ascendant to find out more!

Taurus Full Moon: October 31

The end of October brings an explosive Full Moon in Taurus. Even though it’s in the comfort-seeking, a stable sign of the Bull, the Moon forms an exact conjunction with groundbreaking Uranus, sending us mixed signals- do we need stability or change?

Can things stay the same if we’ve reached a new level of understanding and awareness? Now is a time when we can see results or experience peak moments in the area of finances, material security, resources and skills, attachments, and the physical body, depending on what we’ve been up to since May. 

Perhaps some of us will change jobs or get an extra source of income. Some of us might want to be more financially independent, while others might focus on honing their skills. Uranus, the god of lightning, can bring change in many forms during this Full Moon, but no matter the particulars, the bottom line is this: we need to let go. What of? Perhaps an attachment to a person, to a line of work, to material security, or to values that no longer help us progress.

This can be true on a personal, but also on a social level. If you experience upheaval in your life, especially if you have strong placements in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, be gentle with yourself as you reflect on the areas of life where you’ve been feeling stuck for the past six months. This Full Moon will help you break free.

Black Moon Lilith, the astrological point that represents our dark side, has just entered Taurus this month, so we’re likely to experience the shadow side of Taurus more than usual: possessiveness, jealousy, greediness, attachment to comfort and to pleasure.

On the other hand, the Scorpio Sun activates the part of us that wants to live intensely, to do everything with passion, to go beyond the simple pleasures of everyday life. Buried emotions will almost certainly come to the surface on this Full Moon, perhaps with jarring intensity. The question is: what will we choose to do? 

Let’s allow ourselves to feel our emotions, as intense or surprising as they might be, and to take space from others or to do something different on this Full Moon, trusting that the right kind of changes is coming into our life. Letting go always makes space for new possibilities.

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