Five products that will enhance the romance on Valentine’s Day

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Posted on February 07 2022

Five items that will enhance the romance on Valentine’s Day: Treat yourself and your loved one to the best!


You made it. 

While January may have been the month of plunging yourself into an unending mess of plans, goals, and new year’s resolutions, February is the month to let down your guard a bit.

However, this doesn’t mean you should forget your plans, ditch your goals, and become lazy. 

This is the month to find the magic in your soul. To create ethereal moments that will fuel the pursuit of your life’s ambitions. This is also the month to find love, explore your inner core, give, and attract the kind of love you deserve, especially on Valentine’s Day.

You can only do this by loving yourself first. And love comes from gifting yourself the things that are the doorway to your soul’s happiness. 

On Valentine’s Day, it’s best to allow yourself to find love in the most passionate of ways and get the best love experience.

What is an ideal love experience?

Love is a feeling of comfortable vulnerability with a person or with yourself. Love is the most beautiful of feelings, not just in the warmth and butterflies that come with it.

Valentine’s Day is a special day to experience love in its simplicity and intensity. And there’s no better feeling than having an ideal love experience on Valentine’s Day.

An ideal love experience is a state where all the components of love are at their peak. It is a state of emotional or total balance between self-love and sensual love for a partner. During such an experience, the body will respond by healing itself naturally.

How do I enhance my love experience on Valentine’s Day?

To enhance your ideal love experience, timing is everything. Valentine's Day is the perfect day to give and receive love, as to others, so to yourself.

Opening yourself up completely to live and exposing your inner magical core is the best way to give and receive infinite love. However, it's also one of the more difficult tasks when we are on our spiritual path. 

To help you boost your love experience, open yourself up to love, stimulate the heart chakra, and entwine yourself within the Universe’s eternal, nourishing and loving embrace we picked out a couple of our best products for the task; 

Sensual AF: A Crystal Kit to Promote Sexuality & Intimacy, the Rose Quartz Puffed Gemstone Heart, the Love Drawing 7 Day Candle, Love Hem Square Pack Incense Sticks, and the I-Ching of Love Cards.

How to boost your love experience on Valentine’s Day with Sensual AF: A Crystal Kit to Promote Sexuality & Intimacy.

In the spirit of love and everything sensual, Sensual AF is the best way you can show love to yourself first.

If you want the passion and pleasure of your sacral chakra to come alive, then this is the best Valentine’s Day gift for you.

From the self-healing benefits of an optimum sexuality to the muscle-relaxing flames that the sensual AF Crystal kit ignites, it is medically and spiritually the solution to a lack-luster sensuality.

The Sensual AF Crystal Manifestation kit contains:

  • A Palo Santo Stick
  • A Serpentine Pyramid
  • Three Clear Quartz Points
  • A Seed of Life Crystal Grid
  • A Red Ritual Candle Holder
  • A Red Ritual Candle
  • A Set of Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs
  • A Magic Zipper Pouch

A digital instruction booklet is also included in the kit, which will guide you through a suggested ritual to get you feeling sensual again. 

How to perform the ritual to make you feel sensual on Valentine’s Day:

  • Cleanse and clear your space and tools.
  • Create a ritual that aligns with your spirit.
  • Set up the most magical crystal grid to make your intention known.
  • You can also turbocharge your ritual with a little candle magic.
  • Charge your yoni eggs for an extra boost.

With these steps, your sensual and passionate Valentine’s Day is all set! 

Shop the Crystal Kit to harness your sacral chakra for your ideal Valentine’s Day love experience. 

How to boost your love experience on Valentine’s Day with the Rose Quartz Puffed Gemstone Heart  

How can you experience love on Valentine’s Day when you don’t love yourself? 

Medical science has proven that healing starts within yourself - from a love that isn’t just superficial but one that the universe can hear, feel, and respond to. 

Fortunately, heart-shaped gems are the perfect tool to awaken self-love. To perform this love-awakening ritual, hold the Rose Quartz Gemstone while meditating and to stimulate your heart chakra, which is the seat of balance for all love affairs. 

Get the Rose Quartz Puffed Gemstone Heart now to unlock the greatest love force in the universe! 

How to boost your love experience on Valentine’s Day with the Love Drawing 7 Day Candle 

The Love Drawing 7 Day Candle : The Love drawing 7 day Candle follows gravity’s law to pull every kind of love towards you. Whether you're hoping for a passionate sexual experience with your partner on Valentine's Day, you need to attract a partner, need some self-loving or perhaps you just want to get some extra love from the universe - The love drawing 7-day candle is the perfect tool for that!

You don't just attract love, but you keep it, enhance it, and fill your heart with a burning passion. You can wield such power over the love experience you have, and it all starts with acquiring the Love drawing 7-day candle.

Find that bright flicker of love you’ve been longing for. Shop the Love Drawing Candle here!

How to boost your love experience on Valentine’s Day with the Love Hem Square Pack Incense Sticks 

A relaxed body and mind are the preambles to a passionate Valentine’s Day. The rich aroma of the wood, flower, resins, and oils of the Hem Incense Sticks are all you need to cleanse your mind and fill you with the calm, natural joy of love.

Because you can never go wrong with sweet-smelling hem incense, the Love Hem Square Pack Incense Sticks are a perfect gift!.

Shop the Love Hem Square Pack.

How to boost your love experience on Valentine’s Day with the I-Ching of Love Cards

The wisdom of the ancient I-Ching is what you need for an intentional love life with yourself and your partner. 

The I-Ching of Love Cards is the blueprint necessary to get the juice out of Valentine’s Day and life in general. 

Each of the 64 cards contains a guide to help you understand yourself and your partner. You will receive the inspiration to embark on the journey of filling your life with so much love and magic that it overflows and runs over. 

Get the I-Ching Love Cards curated especially for you!



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