Different Crystals and Their Effect on Your Energy and Mood

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Posted on May 07 2019

Crystals have been around longer than humans, and when shamans and spiritual guides found a way to harness their energies, people have benefited in various and exciting ways. We know modern healing crystals are related to the traditional ideas of chi and chakras, and crystals have energy that can resonate with vibrations in the human body. This means that they can have positive effects on us that can range from protection and harmony to prosperity and love.

Even though there isn’t a lot of scientific research to back up these claims about crystals, a significant number of people believe in their power to heal and provide balance, and there are some scientists like Dr. Marilyn Schlitz who have written about the positive effects of spirituality on health issues and healing. When exploring how to use crystals to get these benefits, it’s important to practice mindfulness, openness, and acceptance, since the mind has much more healing power than you might think.

Psychologists at Maryville University note how mental health has been tied to learning success, while better behavior as a result of these practices has also been beneficial for professionals in the workplace. This means that strengthening the body and mind through these meditative practices can positively impact your daily life — regardless of other people's beliefs.

Indeed, more and more Americans are turning to complementary and alternative medicine, including the use of these crystals to promote healing and general well-being. These stones won’t cost you a lot, and by making a small investment, you may end up getting big returns on your health. Think about what mood you’re in and where you want to be, and start from there. The effect these crystals can have might end up surprising you.

1. Citrine

Known to attract new opportunities and described as an abundant stone, citrine will bring prosperity and positivity into your life. It’s a good choice when you need inspiration and something to help boost your self-esteem and motivation.

2. Carnelian

Carnelian rids you of impure energy by spreading joy and keeping you motivated and confident. Pick up this stone when you’re in a tough spot and need an extra boost to keep you going.

3. Amethyst

This is a lovely crystal that can help calm anxieties and promote tranquility. It’s so full of benefits that we couldn’t help but talk more about its calming properties in a previous feature on The Magic of Amethyst.

4. Black Tourmaline

Considered one of the best stones for protection, this will ground you and keep you safe from harmful electromagnetic fields. Black tourmaline will fill you with positive energy and abundance, thus also protecting you from any harmful situations.

5. Clear Quartz

If you are feeling happy and are benefitting from your other crystals, the clear quartz can amplify this happiness and increase the benefits. This crystal promotes body harmony and can produce more balanced energy.

6. Rose Quartz

This stone is often used when facing relationship troubles or emotional stress. Coming in a beautiful shade of pink, rose quartz calms and soothes you by emitting vibrations focused on love and harmony. This crystal’s energy is towards unconditional love and can help you do away with resentment and emotional pain. And the best part is, Well + Good lists the many ways you can benefit from this energy, as it is one of the most accessible crystals out there.


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