Crystal Shapes & How To Use Them

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 27 2019

Have you ever wondered which crystal shape you need? You’ve done all the research, chose the crystal, chose the shop, opened it and it greeted you with so many shapes and sizes that your head starts to spin. Don’t worry, we have all been there. And today, we are giving you a crash course to crystal shapes. Know the crystal and the shape that you need! Here is what you need to know:

Tumbled Crystal Stones

Tumbled Crystals are made by polishing rough minerals from Mother Earth. Shimmering, tiny and eye-catchy, they are simply loved on first sight for lovers of crystal healing. Tumbled stones are the first stepping stone when entering the crystal healing world which is why they are also known as beginner stones for crystal healing. They are affordable, and excellent for creating crystal grids. Especially handy when you want to start working with a new crystal, to test out your connection with the crystal.

Crystal Hearts

We often like to say that love is the source of all magic. Love is the force that shapes the world, that helps us grow and become better than we were yesterday. When looking into chakras, there are chakras of matter and chakras of spirit.

But the Heart Chakra doesn’t belong to any of them. The Heart Chakra is the bridge between the chakras of matter and spirit, and it’s one of the most important chakras because it is the balancer of both worlds, and holds the potential for infinite love from the Universe.

When you want to heal your heart chakra, the best way to do so is to choose a crystal heart. They are also excellent to be used as focus points in your crystal grids as well! We love to bring our Chevron Amethyst and Green Aventurine Hearts with us wherever we go to harness the love from the Universe no matter where we are.

Crystal Sphere

Although popular movies often portray crystal spheres as tools to see the future, that isn’t the case. However, they are one of the best meditation tools for manifesting that you can purchase. Crystal Spheres are powerful tools that can either help you focus during meditation, or heighten the frequencies that you are sending out.

Because of their symmetrical shape, a crystal sphere radiates with high-frequency vibes in every direction equally, which makes it the perfect tool to keep in your home - even if you don’t meditate!

We like to use a sphere in each hand when we are trying to re-balance and heal ourselves on a deeper level, use them as focus points during meditation and heighten the vibes in our home by keeping a sphere in each room. Read more about it here.

Crystal Pyramid

Pyramids have always represented an important part of our history. Even from ancient times, long before the pyramids in Egypt, they have been used in various rituals all over the world. And, it’s no wonder because pyramids can collect energy from the Universe, and then distribute it in their surroundings. They are a beacon that harnesses energy from the Universe and can help you enhance the flow of life force in your chakras. We keep one on our meditation altar at all times!

Crystal Wand

Crystal Wands are very special crystal shapes. Their purpose is to focus energy more precisely, stir energy with the purpose of dissolving energy block, and cutting energy ties. When used properly, crystal wands can help you to dissolve energy blocks within yourself, direct specific types of energies within specific places of your body, help you cut negative energy patterns and any negative energy threads and connections that you might have. Read more on how to use crystal wands here.

Crystal Egg (Yoni Egg)

Mesmerizingly beautiful, yoni eggs provide excellent crystal decoration that can help you enhance the vibes in your home. However, yoni eggs are much more than that. They are actually the best tools to help you heal the center of your feminine energy - your yoni - your sacred space. They come in a set of three, and each yoni egg is a different size. They are meant to be used in consecutive order, from biggest to smallest to help you awaken your femininity from within.

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