Cleansing Your Crystals With a Full Moon

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on October 03 2019

Night and day, Sun and Moon: we build our daily lives in the heart of these cycles. One expression of the Sun-Moon relationship that most obviously affects the unfolding of our life takes the form of Moon phases. The light of the spirit (Sun) infuses us, the earthly crowd imprinted by our past, our routines and our emotions (Moon), with the necessary energy to survive.

Depending on the phase of the Sun-Moon cycle, this energy has a different quality and supports different types of processes. One of the most mesmerizing sights on the sky is the full moon. Her majestic beauty makes it simply impossible to take our eyes off her. But, beyond her beauty, the Full Moon holds great power.

What should you know about the Full Moon?

Two weeks after the New Moon, we’ve reached the half and the peak of the cycle: the moment when what has been unfolding until now is being fully realized. The bold moonlight brings to surface our progress from the past two weeks and, in a more general sense, from the past 6 months, since the New Moon that took place in this Full Moon’s sign.

The Moon is now opposite the Sun, with the Earth in the middle. The light of spirit fully illuminates our deepest emotions, patterns, and habits: it’s difficult to swipe them under the rug as we usually do. This is what the Full Moon craze is all about- we can’t hide our instinctual side anymore. The Full Moon sign reveals to us the archetype whose wild side we can embody, from untamed Aries to deeply emotional Pisces. The Sun-Moon opposition can highlight extremes and conflicts in our inner being and our lives, as Sol’s conscious intent can bump heads with the Moon’s unnamed instincts.

Depending on how things have been working out for us, be it through personal effort, divine inspiration or ideally both, this is either a time of celebration or of reconsideration. Either way, it can get intense. Try not to put yourself down for what has passed- if possible, postpone any self-critique tendencies for when the Full Moon passes, your head clears again and you can look back at the situation with more calm.

Because emotions are heightened, and a lot of misunderstandings can happen during the full moon, it’s very important to try your best to work on balancing yourself, your thoughts and emotions. If you like to do this by using your crystals, like us, you might be doing a crucial mistake.

While some crystals can cleanse themselves, most of the crystals can often pick up some low-frequency vibes and require to be cleansed and recharged regularly, so that your crystal healing sessions will be more effective. And the full moon is perfect for cleansing your crystals.

How to cleanse your crystals under a Full Moon?

Here is how we like to do it:

- Wash your crystals gently with water. You can use tap water, but if you want to enhance the cleansing, you can use saltwater as well.

- Place crystals on a natural surface, like earth or wood, making sure they are bathing in moonlight.

- Light sage or lavender incense and hold it above your crystals. Take a few minutes to take a few deep breaths, visualizing releasing any negative vibes to enhance the cleansing process.

- Leave them overnight and take them in before sunrise, because some crystals can be damaged by the heat of the sun.

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