5 Best Crystals for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 27 2019

In our very busy lives, stress and anxiety are common companions on a day to day basis. It seems that we have accepted them as something very normal, when in fact, stress and anxiety only hold us back in life. Which is why, we have started our battle with stress and anxiety and at the end of it, we are planning on banishing them from our lives for good. Wondering how? Well, we have something you don’t – the best crystals for anxiety and stress relief.

What are the best crystals for anxiety and stress relief?

Crystals have been around ever since the dawn of our creation. They are the gifts from Mother Earth, that affect us energetically, helping us, stabilizing us, and helping us evolve through the years. There are hundreds of crystals out there, and among them, there is a crystal for every purpose – including crystals for soothing anxiety and stress relief. Here are the top 5 crystals to help you in the battle with stress and anxiety:

1. Amethyst

If you have been staying up all night, thinking of all the possible and impossible scenarios that life could bring you tomorrow, instead of having a good night rest then you need amethyst in all its glory. This amazing crystal simply radiates with soothing, calming energy, its frequency radiating through every aspect of your being. The energy of the amethyst will help you connect every aspect of yourself, sync yourself up, restore the balance that you so desperately need when anxiety and stress hit you. If you have been having trouble sleeping, then put amethyst below your pillow. If you think that stress and anxiety hit you more during the day, you can always bring amethyst with you wherever you go.

2. Fluorite

If you have been feeling like stress and anxiety keep piling up until the breaking point, and you feel like there is no way out then all you need is Fluorite in your life. Fluorite is also called the Rainbow Breaker of Chains from the crystal world, with a very good reason – because it can help you break yourself out of stress and anxiety. Its unique energy frequency will calm you, and allow you to see the missing pieces with a clear head. And not only that, but it also helps you dissolve any issues, any problem, any cause of stress and anxiety. All you need to do is meditate with Fluorite.

3. Lepidolite

If you have been feeling the pressure of social anxiety and stress hit you like a brick, then you are in a serious need of Lepidolite in your life. We know that social encounters are always a bit stressful, but if they are the reason behind your stress and anxiety that is easting you away – then you have to take matters into your own hands. Lepidolite is known as an emotional balancer and stabilizer in the crystal world. If stress and anxiety have been going out of whack lately every time you need to talk to someone, then the peaceful, stabilizing energy of Lepidolite will help you overcome your issues.

4. Blue Agate

Battling stress and anxiety on a day to day basis is really tough. And sometimes all you need is some emotional support, to soothe you and help you get through the rough days. If you are finding yourself losing hope in this endless battle, don’t – because all you need is Blue Agate to help you. Soothing, gentle, healing energy simply radiates from Blue Agate, enveloping you and nourishing you every second of every day when you have it by your side. Allow yourself to fall into the loving and nourishing arms of Blue Agate, and get yourself the support that you need when the going gets tough against stress and anxiety.

5. Black Tourmaline

If you need something that packs a bigger kick against stress and anxiety, you need a powerful grounding crystal like Black Tourmaline. The key to battling anxiety and stress is to be present right here, right now and see the bigger picture instead of being stuck with tunnel vision on everything that is or could go wrong. Besides being a strong grounder, Black Tourmaline has very strong cleansing properties that will banish stress and anxiety from your life. Known as a strong protector, Black Tourmaline can help you ward yourself off any negative vibes, including anxiety and stress. We suggest you wear Black Tourmaline everywhere with you!

How to use the crystals for stress and anxiety relief?

Cleanse Crystals

The very first thing that you should do when your crystals arrive is to cleanse them by using Sage. Crystals interact with different energy frequencies from their surroundings, and by the time they get to you, they can be exposed to all kinds of fishy vibes. That is why you need to sage them up and start with a clean slate on any crystal that you buy.

Wear Crystals

Once you get down the cleansing part, you can use your crystals in various ways. What we like to do is to bring our crystals everywhere, depending on the purpose. Sometimes, we just stack a few crystals into our purse, or office and sometimes, we like to have the crystals closer to us by wearing a crystal bracelet or a crystal necklace.

Sleep With Crystals

If you are not that close with your crystals yet, to bring them everywhere with you then sleeping with your crystals for stress and anxiety can help you get the well-deserved rest that you need. Besides that, while you sleep, you are more susceptive to the energy frequencies of the crystals, which will help you resolve any stress and anxiety issues faster and easier.

Meditate With Crystals

If you think that you need like you need something more, then the easiest way to connect to your crystals is to Meditate with them. By using your crystals during meditation, you can reduce stress and anxiety, balance yourself and awaken the true power of your crystals.

Drink Gem Water

Just think about it, you are 70% water. And the water we drink today is far from what it should be in its natural, pure state. Water is essential for our survival, and if you would like to purify and re-energize your water to help you in the battle against stress and anxiety, drinking gem water is the key. Check out our gem water bottles and how to make your own gem water for more information.

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