Balsamic Moon: Going Full Circle

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on August 24 2018

Hello everyone!

The moon holds many secrets and surprises. Its power is simply magical. And even though with today's moon phase we have reached the end of the moon phases, the journey is far from over! Stick around to learn more about the magic that the moon holds behind the eclipses next! Now, to get back on today's moon phase - the balsamic moon. The last shine of the moon's cycle is shining on you in this phase. It's the time for rest and relaxation before the new, new moon phase starts. It's time to gather your strength before you plant new seeds!

Three-four days before the next soli-lunar cycle, the Moon is the last sliver of light in the sky as it wanes towards a fresh New Moon. We’ve started new processes, we’ve seen them come into bloom, we’ve turned a critical, reflective eye on them… now it’s all starting to weigh heavy. A well-deserved break is the best strategy for this phase as things slow down, preparing to come to a halt and to start over. This cycle’s unresolved issues will carry on to the next month, nudging us to further hone our life-navigating skills, but until then, it’s time to let go for the last time of anything that weighs us down more than it should and to take a deep breath of relief.

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