Astro Alert: New Moon In Cancer

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on July 05 2021

The 9th brings a tender New Moon in the motherly sign of Cancer, a perfect time to check in with ourselves and to see how nurtured we feel and how well we’re connecting to our intuition. It’s a time for oracle cards, art therapy, and sea bathing, but also a moment when clashes with others might prompt us to claim more of our inner strength. 

New Moon in Cancer: July 9


July’s New Moon is both tender and challenging, crowning a week that has been testing our patience and prompting us to nurture understanding for ourselves and others, especially in the middle of conflict. Now, it’s time to set intentions for a new way of relating to loved ones and connecting to our emotions.

Cancer is the sign of the divine feminine, embracing us with her soft strength and supporting us to stand against the belief that emotion is weakness or intuition is madness. Emotions are energy in motion, a river that needs to run its course. This New Moon reminds us of our inner voice and its deepest truths, supporting us to connect to the Divine Feminine within.

Think of a past when women’s power was known to come from their ability to create and nurture life, their intuition/gut feelings, and the connection they had with their community. Even if today’s rules are different, this New Moon supports us to honor our feminine side and to celebrate with those who make us feel at home, bringing a bit of Moon Magic back into our lives.

As a challenge, this tender water sign needs to learn how to protect herself well enough not to get hurt, but to open up enough to avoid isolation or stagnation. Cancer season makes all of us feel more vulnerable, especially if we have strong Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn energy in our charts, and it requires the courage to stay in touch with our emotions, allowing them to flow… and doing what we’re afraid to do (such as expressing our needs, believing in our intuition, or nurturing a new project) anyway. 

A flowing aspect with compassionate Neptune can bring a new beginning, marked by empathy and deep connection, in our relationships. It’s a good time to set intentions of forgiveness or reconciliation, even though there is still tension bubbling underneath the surface, courtesy of a powerful clash between the New Moon and Pluto, the planet of power and transformation.  

This aspect could play out in different ways: some of us might feel afraid to be vulnerable and build up strong walls because we perceive others as controlling, while others could be manipulative, attempting to impose their will on others or to have their needs fulfilled without actually saying what they mean.

With the Moon-Pluto opposition, this kind of behavior comes from a deep fear of being wounded. Notice what comes up within and around yourself, don’t be afraid to look beneath the surface for explanations… and step back into your power. Letting go of a disappointing situation and allowing things to transform might be necessary right now.

New Moon Journal Prompts:

  • What makes me feel safe and supported?
  • How can I find strength through connecting with my family or tribe? 
  • In what situations do I need to take back my power and embrace my emotional, intuitive side?
  • Where am I supported to let go and step into a new beginning? 


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