Astro Alert: Jupiter Enters Aries

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on May 09 2022

On the 10th, expansive Jupiter enters Aries, where he will energize us with the courage to break the mold and initiate new projects in the following year.

Those of us who are usually adventurous can feel even bolder at this time, while those of us who are used to staying in the shadows can seize the opportunity to shine in 2022. 

Jupiter in Aries:
May 10 – October 28
December 20 – May 16, 2023

Jupiter In Aries 2022

Expansive Jupiter shifts into fiery Aries on May 10, starting a new cycle through the zodiac. For most of the following year, we’ll dig deeper into the meaning of individuality, courage, and initiative. Everything Aries – confidence, action, dynamism, movement, and leadership – will be amplified, offering more of us the opportunity to take the lead and break new ground in our areas of interest.

Those of us with strong Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn energy will feel this transit the most – with both its resources and its challenges –, while Leos and Sagittarians will let their flames burn brighter in the following year, gaining the courage to do what they’ve been postponing until now.

We might feel a stronger need for excitement and novelty during this transit: the same old routines are no longer enough, especially after the pandemic has inhibited many of our desires to explore and have fun. Many of us could pick up new hobbies, travel more, and have an adventurous approach to life.

When it comes to leadership and initiative, this is a great transit to start a new business or major project: Aries is all about that initial spark that helps us express the power of our individuality. 

Impulsivity and aggression are the main challenges of this transit. Even if Jupiter is considered to be a lucky planet, it always brings the risk of overdoing things: in this case, allowing our instincts to get the better of us or taking an unrealistic leap of faith.

On a social level, we can expect some conflicts to intensify: this is a soldier’s transit, a time when many people could feel the need to prove themselves in battle (physical or otherwise). On an individual level, we can do our inner work by working with our anger: finding healthy ways to channel it if it’s usually difficult to control and daring to express it in constructive ways if we usually repress it.


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