The Real War Exists Not in Our Environment But in the Environments of Our Own Minds

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on February 21 2018

L I F E Is beauty. Life allows us to feel. Life allows us to have emotions.

Life gave the entire human species an entire planet to experience all variations of life itself in countless forms from animals to air to smells to love to fear to everything we're capable of feeling, thinking and doing. We all were given this entire planet to live in, create in, love in with 100 % freedom, without a threat in any direction.

If the planet is threatened, then the animals, people, civilizations and habitats that live interdependently in it is also threatened. The only threat there ever was and ever will be to Earth and life of all living beings, is one thought. It is one thought that all human beings collectively believe that we have learned to believe in, through the conditioning of "being brought up" - that we are separate from everyone and everything else. This thought is what created the darkness. Almost every human wakes up believing this false reality. The KEY is for ALL humans to start looking in the mirror for any questions they have about their lives, the direction of their lives and what's best for them.

The Key is for all humans to take the journey inside. The key is for all humans to STOP saying "that's just way life is", "it will never change" and "the world is doomed". The key is for humans to start taking responsibility for their own suffering in their minds. For the true war in the world, is the wars we each are battling in our own minds whenever we have an experience that makes us feel uncomfortable in any way. When our thoughts are no longer affected by anything outside of ourselves, that is when we will all begin to use our thoughts together. That is where PEACE will be born for the first time. That is when the amnesia will lift and we will remember what TRUE LOVE is. We will see that this division in love we currently have (1 for a friend, 1 for family, 1 for lover) is a love we made up to protect ourselves. It is a false love that keeps us apart. When we start loving random people we don't even know - well the rest will be history!




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