Astro Alert: New Moon in Leo

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on July 21 2022

The 28th brings an expansive New Moon in Leo, a time for setting intentions of creativity, charisma, and personal sovereignty.

Coinciding with Jupiter’s station, this New Moon can bring a fresh start in areas such as education, business, or travel: we’re likely to feel more optimistic than usual and we’ve got extra support from the Universe to follow our hearts and take a fruitful leap of faith.

July 28

New Moon In Leo Meaning

In the spirited sign of Leo, the Moon feels joyful, playful, and confident, inspiring us to see life as a game and to take a bite out of the best that it has to offer. Whether we’re starting a new romance, a creative project, or a fresh chapter at work, the Leo New Moon brings a great opportunity for fun and growth, encouraging us to connect with our inner Sun – our radiant, powerful self – and enjoy this summer’s good vibes.

When the Sun (our conscious will) and the Moon (our emotions and habits) unite in the royal sign of Leo, personal sovereignty becomes a central theme, highlighting our need to be autonomous and to be seen for who we are. What part of you wants to come out to the surface at this time? Some of us might feel an impulse to express creativity through theatre, music, or visual arts, while others might embrace a leadership role or embark on a new beginning in love. Leo is all about the heart, so the best way to set intentions at this time is by centering ourselves and allowing our desires and goals to radiate from within. 

The Moon’s conjunction with Ceres, the archetype of the nurturing mother, shows a need to take care of what is blooming in our lives. Love grows with attention and effort, creativity needs a context to manifest, and our spontaneous inner child can benefit from an extra dose of cheerleading at this time. We’re supported to grow into our most charismatic and imaginative selves by changing our inner dialogue to a nurturing and encouraging one. 

The best part of this New Moon is her flowing aspect with lucky Jupiter in Aries, another fire sign that amps up inspiration and favors the bold. It’s time to be a little extra with our plans and intentions at this time. If it can be imagined, it’s possible! Even if we don’t have a clear path in mind, there’s an energy of faith and serendipity around this New Moon: visualize it, trust it, and the Universe will take care of the rest.

New Moon In Leo Meaning And Intentions

At the time of the New Moon, Jupiter is stationing and preparing to retrograde. A stationary planet’s energy is amplified, similar to the way we perceive the heat of a flame when we slowly approach it (as opposed to rapidly swiping our fingers through it). When it appears to be at a standstill, expansive Jupiter can bring pivotal moments linked to our personal, academic, or spiritual development, triggering insights or creating the right context for growth. A new course, a travel opportunity, or a meeting with someone who inspires us isn’t out of the question at this time.

At the same time, because it turns retrograde only a few hours after the New Moon, it can also slow things down, prompting us to tackle progress in a conscious and sustainable way. The enthusiasm of a fresh start, with an extra dose of faith and luck, can bring with it a feeling that there are still steps to follow and priorities to clarify before we can achieve our goals. Fortunately, the next four months will give us plenty of time to align our external growth with our personal definition of fulfillment… and to build confidence, finding a balance between trusting divine timing and planning for success.

Finally, the Leo New Moon bears the mark of one of the most important astrological events of the year: the conjunction between Uranus, the planet of change and revolution, and the North Node of destiny. Even if the Moon’s vibes are light and expansive, we could feel that a significant change – which might bring an extra dose of discomfort – is in the making. We can use the New Moon energy to tap into our inner strength and open up our hearts to new beginnings.

Those of us with strong Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius energy (especially with planets around the 5th degree of these signs) can feel the influence of the New Moon the most, but all of us can find joy and abundance in the life area ruled by Leo in the birth chart. 


New Moon Journal Prompts:

  • What unique gifts can I offer and how would others benefit if I stopped holding myself back?
  • How can I honor the part of me that’s fearless, creative, and loving? 
  • What is one small step that can help me feel more confident at the beginning of this new chapter?


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