Astro Alert: Uranus Conjunct The North Node

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on July 25 2022

This day brings a groundbreaking conjunction between the North Node of dharma and Uranus, the planet of change and revolution.

Happening in Taurus, the sign of money, resources, and values, this aspect is active all summer and it can bring significant market fluctuations, changes in our values, and the need to adapt to unpredictable circumstances when it comes to our work and our income. 


Uranus Conjunct The North Node:
July 31

 Uranus Conjunct The North Node Meaning

Contacts with the North Node of destiny are meant to push us out of the comfort zone, showing us that there is a different way of doing things: with an extra degree of freedom from old conditioning and with hope for a future that brings us closer to our soul’s purpose. The end of July is such a moment. With the involvement of Uranus, the planet of upheaval and revolution, our worlds are about to shift; whether it’s an outer event that prompts us to find new resources and embrace growth or an insight that shakes us out of old certainties, we’re being called toward progress and supported to flow with change at this time.

Uranus is in Taurus, the sign of finances, resources, and stability. From 2018 to 2026, this major transit revolutionizes our relationship with the natural world (hopefully for the best, given the accelerated rate of climate change), shifts our approach to money and abundance (think of cryptocurrency, but also the recent cost inflations due to food insecurity), and supports us to nurture a deeper connection with what is simple and organic. The effects of the Uranus-North Node conjunction extend to July and August, bringing major developments in the areas mentioned above. In the best case, we can expect an increase in awareness and positive action; as a challenge, Uranus could speed up the current crisis and bring the need for innovative solutions.

On a personal level, those of us with strong Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius placements will feel the effect of this conjunction the most. We’re supported to notice what areas of our lives need to be reinvented and to either initiate change (it’s best if we can do at least one little thing differently at this time) or welcome external shifts, trusting that they’re meant to reveal our soul’s truth and align us with our path. 

Depending on how much we live from the heart, we can either go through a sobering moment, an awakening that reveals shocking, but liberating truths, or upgrade our current circumstances, welcoming changes that help us thrive. North Node contacts aren’t comfortable (especially in Taurus, instability of some kind can be involved), but they’re always gifts from the Universe, opportunities to experience more of life and awaken our potential. What life area is ruled by Taurus in your birth chart? Here, you can step into the unknown and embody more of who you really are at the end of July.

The effects of the Uranus-North Node conjunction are amplified by Mars, the planet of action and initiative: we’re likely to feel a strong sense of urgency, a restlessness that prompts us to resist people or circumstances that feel stifling. At the same time, a hard aspect to Saturn warns us against rash actions: rebellion might be met with resistance and change is best made from a place of awareness, not anger and reactivity.

Think twice before you make a choice, knowing that the cosmic atmosphere is more volatile than usual, and know that it’s normal for change to feel scary or limiting during a time of adaptation. In the long term, this summer’s events and leaps of faith are meant to help us reach a new level of consciousness and fulfillment.


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