Astro Alert: Full Moon in Sagittarius

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on June 08 2022

 On the 14th, an expansive Sagittarius Full Moon can bring insights and results in the areas of education, publishing, law, travel, or spirituality, highlighting our achievements in these areas and revealing new information that helps us grasp the bigger picture.

This is a great moment for celebrating life and enjoying the things that make us feel joyful and optimistic! At the same time, a tense aspect with Neptune, the planet of illusions, warns us to keep our feet on the ground and to seek out objective information.

Full Moon in Sagittarius:
June 14

Full Moon In Sagittarius June 2022 Meaning And Benefits

Sagittarius Full Moons are times of fun and celebration, small bursts of joy in the Moon’s yearly cycle: in mid-June, we can see the results of our past efforts to expand our horizons and to gain greater awareness through study, travel, spirituality, or other eye-opening experiences. Some of us could graduate or prepare for graduation at this time, while others could drink to the progress made with a course or a travel plan.

For others, the reason for celebration can be life itself: the moments lived, the lessons learned, the excitement yet to come. The Sabian Symbol for this cosmic event is “A bluebird, a sign of good luck and happiness, is standing at the door of the house”: an image of hope and good fortune.

The happy-go-lucky Sagittarius Moon opposes the intellectual Gemini Sun, marking a time when our rational mind and our intuition try to creatively work out their differences. Neptune, the planet of dreams, transcendence, and illusion mediates between the two, showing us where we tend to ignore the details, overlook important issues, or overestimate our chances of success. In what life area have you been wearing rose-colored glasses? Where have you deceived yourself or allowed yourself to be swayed by unrealistic promises? This Full Moon can reveal mysteries and uncover falsehoods, laying the groundwork for Neptune retrograde, a transit that supports us to see beyond the veil starting from the 28th.

The Sagittarius Full Moon can bring an extra dose of confusion, which is why it’s not the best time for major decisions. It’s better to notice what is coming to fruition and to immerse ourselves in what helps us feel hopeful and whole, from poetry, music, or meditation to a night out with friends. The world needs a dose of fantasy, glamor, and magic to survive; as T.S.Eliot said, “Humankind cannot bear very much reality”, a truth that shines bright during this expansive Full Moon. 

As a challenge, the aspects between the Gemini Sun, the Sagittarius Moon, and Neptune in Pisces can predispose us to excess and scattered energy. Virgo, the missing mutable sign, supports us to focus on the small things if we feel ungrounded: cleaning and purifying our workspace, a consistent morning routine, perhaps a calming walk through nature. Big dreams and emotions need to be anchored in daily life at this time, while bigger-than-life perspectives need the rational approach brought by the Gemini Sun in order to take shape. 

The Moon’s sextile with pragmatic Saturn supports us to release unhealthy habits and to notice the life areas where consistent effort, coupled with optimism, has brought positive results until now. What has been efficient in the past months? In contrast, where can you release illusions, make adjustments, and come up with an improved plan?

Because Sagittarius is the sign of knowledge and faith, this Full Moon can bring insights, perhaps in an encounter with a teacher figure or with our inner guide. Thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us can come to the surface, supporting us to see things from a bird’s eye view and to find meaning in our experiences. When reason (Gemini) meets intuition (Sagittarius), new solutions and perspectives abound… even if they might be temporarily eclipsed by the Full Moon’s emotional intensity. 

Those of us with strong Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces energy (especially with planets around the 23rd degree of these signs) can feel the influence of the Full Moon the most, but all of us can celebrate our growth and gain a new level of awareness in the life area ruled by Sagittarius in the birth chart. 


Full Moon Journal Prompts:

  • How has your perspective on life shifted during the past six months? What have you learned?
  • What thought patterns, beliefs, or dogmas are you supported to leave behind at this time as you separate truth from illusion?
  • What are your favorite ways of connecting to a higher state of consciousness and how can you incorporate them into your daily life this month?


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