Astro Alert: Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on June 03 2022

June starts off with a mix of different energies: on the 3rd, Mercury goes direct in Taurus, giving us the green light in learning and communication-related matters, while Saturn, the lord of karma, retrogrades on the 4th, marking the start of four months when progress can be slower and our boundaries can be tested more than usual.

In other words: Mercury direct supports us to move forward in the financial, practical, and intellectual areas (if you’ve been waiting to sign a contract or make a purchase, you’ll be able to make a clearer decision after the 3rd), while Saturn retrograde reminds us of the responsibilities that bind us and asks us to stay patient and determined, especially between June 1 and 9.


Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius:
June 4 – October 23

Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius 2022

When Saturn, the planet of responsibility and karma, appears to move backward through the skies, time seems to slow down and progress can take more effort than usual. This is a transit that supports patience, determination, and an extra dose of awareness when it comes to our long-term plans: because Saturn is all about rules and structures, his retrograde period encourages us to reflect, reconsider our strategy, and rebuild what is no longer efficient.

Saturn, also known as the “taskmaster” of the zodiac, faces us with the results of our past actions during the yearly four months and a half when he is retrograde: while some areas of our lives might flourish, bringing the rewards of our work, we might flounder in others, facing shortcomings and encountering wake-up calls that support us to recommit to what matters. If a plan isn’t showing results during this time, we might need to go back to the drawing board and think of which part of the process is lacking. Is the goal aligned with our long-term vision? Is it realistic, time-bound, and achievable? Do we have enough resources, alongside clear ways of measuring progress? 

While Saturn direct focuses on outer structures and authority, Saturn retrograde prompts us to connect with our inner authority and evaluate our progress according to personal standards. This can be a chance to go beyond our inner critic, but also to set better boundaries for ourselves and lay the groundwork for improved relationships with others. 

Saturn is in Aquarius, the sign of community and progress, bringing up themes around boundaries, belonging, and collaboration in the next four months and a half. It’s a great time to think about our friendships, our place in the community, and our commitment (Saturn) to the freedom and the excitement we desire (Aquarius). Some of us might learn to set clearer boundaries with friends and focus more on our personal values, while others might realize that they need to take more responsibility on a social level. When it comes to our plans for the future, we can realize that they need more definition and we can work on finding a balance between effort, commitment (Saturn), and autonomy or excitement (Aquarius).

Between June 1 and 8, during Saturn’s station, these themes can be particularly relevant: we might need to take on more responsibility, we might feel that life’s demands are harsher than usual (the immune system can also be weakened when Saturn is stationing, so make sure you take extra care of yourself), but we can also use this opportunity to be honest with ourselves and reflect on what needs to change. By October 23, we’ll reach a new level of understanding and maturity.

This transit influences those of us with strong Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius energy the most, but all of us are supported to slow down, reflect, and invest more effort in the life area ruled by Aquarius in the birth chart.


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