Astro Alert: The Sun and Venus in Scorpio

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on October 06 2022

After Libra’s peaceful energy, Scorpio season is bound to break barriers and carry us toward uncharted territories. We’re entering a month of passion and depth, a time when we can be profoundly committed to what we value and deeply inquisitive when it comes to solving mysteries of any kind.

With Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, also transiting this emotionally intense sign, the next month brings a focus on sharing, intimacy, commitment, and healing in our relationships.

The Sun and Venus in Scorpio:
October 23

The Sun and Venus in Scorpio

The Sun in Scorpio: Beyond the ordinary

If Libra season was all about nurturing our relationships and cultivating balance, Scorpio brings a different vibe: we’re entering a season of depth, passion, and inquisitiveness, a time to investigate layers of life that usually remain undisturbed. For some of us, this could mean a deeper connection with our shadow self or an intense month in our therapeutic or spiritual process. For others, depth can come in the form of intimacy, passion, and vulnerability with a partner. Where does your desire lead you this Scorpio season? What are you (re)committing to and where can you give it your all?

For Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, the following month is about self-knowledge, emotional processing, and intimacy, while Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn will be investing in their relationships, partnerships, and learning. For Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), Scorpio season will bring a focus on work and daily responsibilities, while Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are supported to cultivate self-love and invest in their personal growth. 

It’s no coincidence that Scorpio is the sign of death and transformation: in the second part of autumn, nature sheds its old skin and prepares for a time of rest and silence. The remains of the previous cycle feed the earth and nourish it for a new beginning. Similarly, we’re supported to take our energy back from contexts we no longer resonate with, focus our will on what we can control in the present moment, and release expectations. We’re going through our own process of introspection and transformation (especially in the life area ruled by Scorpio in the birth chart) as we’re encouraged to look at what usually lies in our shadow.

For some of us, it could be pain, trauma, or suffering that is usually too uncomfortable to connect with. Scorpio, the sign of fruitful darkness, encourages us to look within and embrace all sides of life. For those of us who are used to staying small, passion, willpower, or desire can be integrated and expressed this month. As Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” During Scorpio season, the veil can lift with more ease, allowing us to connect with these hidden shadows and gifts.

Venus in Scorpio: Love as transformation

On the 23rd, Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and creativity also enters Scorpio’s den, where she will amp up passion and uncover deeper layers in our connections until November 16. If the previous transit of Venus in Libra has been sweet and romantic, supporting us to look for common ground and focus on what’s working well in our relationships, Venus in Scorpio takes us a step further, opening up a journey of emotional connection, intimacy, and healing.

Relationships that start during Venus in Scorpio can be incredibly passionate and intense, but they can also challenge us to face our fears and shadows. Sensitive Venus doesn’t feel at home in Scorpio, a sign ruled by hot-headed Mars and unyielding Pluto. This is why her journey can be difficult at times, but ultimately she helps us thrive in authentic and profound connections. 

Secrets, deceit, jealousy, or manipulation are fear-based shadows of Venus in Scorpio: they reveal wounds of betrayal and abandonment and they challenge us to recognize toxicity, set boundaries, and trust that we deserve the best. This transit encourages us to see ourselves and others with honesty, detect red flags early on in a relationship, and focus on cultivating trust and intimacy with the people we can confide in.

With Venus in Scorpio, love is less about appearances and more about breaking barriers together. The next month is a great time to build trust in a close relationship, share your emotional world, and express love by being empathic and supportive, especially when someone is brave enough to show you their vulnerable side. This is a transit that encourages us to overcome shame and guilt by allowing ourselves to be truly seen by another.

The following month can bring new love opportunities for Taurus and Cancer, but all of us can benefit from an extra dose of passion and pleasure in the life area ruled by Scorpio in the birth chart.

Here are a few key dates for this year’s busy Scorpio season:

November 5. The Scorpio Sun meets the South Node of karma on this day, revealing familiar patterns or reconnecting us with people from our past. Do you notice yourself reacting intensely to a present situation, as if it happened before? Is there any part of your past that you’re being called to either recover or leave behind at this time? This is a great day for shadow work and spiritual or therapeutic practices. Look within.

November 8. A conjunction between the Sun and inquisitive Mercury makes this a great day for research, deep focus, and communication. We’re receiving extra support for getting to the bottom of an issue and speaking our minds with confidence.

November 9. Today, the Sun opposes revolutionary Uranus in Taurus, amplifying our need for freedom and experimentation. Expect the unexpected today: things might not go according to plan, but they might come with a twist that leads to an even better outcome. Growth comes when we have the courage to do something different. As a challenge, unpredictability might be the rule, especially in finances and relationships. Some of us might feel keyed up or rebellious today; avoid impulsive decisions.

November 11. A tense aspect between the Sun and Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility, can put a damper on our optimism around this day. Patience – Saturn’s favorite word – can work wonders today, especially if delays or obstacles prevent us from fulfilling our goals as fast as we would like to. 

Mid-November activates the Saturn-Uranus square, the aspect responsible for the recent challenges to our sense of freedom. Expect some frustration and focus on what you can control. With the activation of fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius, slow and steady wins the race.

November 14. With an easy aspect between the Sun and starry-eyed Neptune, the planet of inspiration and faith, this is a great day for bringing an extra dose of magic into our worlds. An opportunity for creative or spiritual growth can help us feel more connected to ourselves and others. 

Despite the tense aspects that are active at this time, mid-November is marked by strong Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces energy, amplifying our intuition and supporting us to connect more deeply with our emotions. This is a great time to believe in your dreams and do more of what inspires you! 

November 18. Today, we might easily uncover a secret or gain a deeper insight into something that has been troubling us. An easy aspect between the Sun and Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, can bring an opportunity to feel more confident and empowered.

November 20. A beautiful aspect between the Sun and Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, marks this as one of the most expansive days of the year! Today, we can feel more optimistic than usual and we can easily attract positive circumstances. Learning, travel, advertising, risk-taking, and spiritual practices are favored today. We’re receiving extra support to expand our horizons. 

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