Astro Alert: Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on October 06 2022

Dear Magic Makers,

The 25th launches this autumn’s Eclipse season with a supercharged New Moon in Scorpio. In the sign of alchemy and regeneration, the Eclipse can bring fated events that trigger transformation, marking the ending of a chapter and creating space for something new. This can be a fresh beginning in Scorpio-related matters such as finances, business, sexuality, or emotional healing.

Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio:
October 25

Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio October 2022 

Eclipse season: Change and Realignment 

After the Aries New Moon on the 9th, we’re already stepping into the energy of this autumn’s Eclipse season: these are a few weeks when the divine is sending us powerful messages to support progress and alignment with our path. Between October 9th and November 23rd, we’re moving through a time that brings the results of our past actions and encourages us to step back, allowing the Universe to guide us in the right direction. 

What can we expect? Think fated events and predestined meetings, but also a feeling of uncertainty – as if we’re still being kept in the darkness – and a sense of anticipation for something new. Free will is less poignant than the divine plan. What we’re experiencing now has already been put in motion by our previous actions.

Eclipses are supercharged New and Full Moons that happen close to the Lunar Nodes, the two points that show our karmic past (the South Node) and our path for the future (the North Node). During this powerful activation, what no longer serves our growth can stay behind and what awaits us in the future can become more vivid in our present. These are weeks when we can realize that what we thought we wanted is not actually a part of the plan and make adjustments according to what life is bringing our way. 

Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl said that “Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather he must recognize that it is he who is asked.” This is Eclipse energy in a nutshell: more than ever, these seasons of change ask us to listen to what life wants us to embrace, accept, and cultivate. 


Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Beyond the veil

Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

In powerful Scorpio, October’s supercharged New Moon brings a new beginning linked to our emotional healing and transformation. The sign of Scorpio rules over death and rebirth, sex and intimacy, shared resources and collaboration. Close to the South Node of karma and release, this Eclipse can help us close old doors and prepare for something better in these areas. 

Some of us might be called to let go of a toxic relationship, while others could see themselves more clearly in contexts where their usual defenses are stripped away. We could notice where we’ve lost ourselves (in an obsession or an addiction), where we’ve been investing emotionally with no rewards, or where we’ve been giving away our power to others (for example, following values we don’t believe in or sharing energy with the wrong people). 

What is your gut instinct telling you right now, when you’re reading this? What feels heavy, unfair, unbalanced, or even toxic in your life? The Scorpio Eclipse can trigger a process of deep awareness and release. Because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the lord of the underworld, we’re likely to meet our shadow side at this time: the fears and pain we usually bury under the surface, but also the desire and the power hidden beneath. 

In conjunction with Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and values, the Eclipse can reveal our relationship blind spots and prompt us to stay curious about our reactions. This is a time that favors psychotherapy, coaching, or spiritual exploration, especially when it comes to love-related issues. 

For some of us, Venus in Scorpio can reveal fears around abandonment or betrayal and a pattern of self-sabotage in relationships. For others, the Eclipse could be a signal to go deeper within a current relationship, cultivating vulnerability and trust. Remember: understanding your partner’s trauma is a love language.

In a tense aspect with transformative Pluto, the Eclipse supports us to work with our defenses, especially if we tend to resist change or put up walls to shield our vulnerability. The shadow side of this energy is a tendency to be controlling, demanding, and closed off with others. Themes around power and control in relationships can reveal where we need to open up more… and where we need to set boundaries when others aren’t willing to take responsibility for their mistakes.

On the bright side, the Eclipse can bring positive changes in relationships that are based on mutual respect, equality, and deep commitment. Many of us can be guided toward a new level of intimacy and passion at this time, especially through a process of overcoming fears and healing past wounds. Connection and collaboration are pathways toward healing; the Eclipse supports us to heal together. Trusting this profound alchemy helps us receive the blessings that support our growth and transformation. 

Beyond relationships, these are aspects that generate a tremendous amount of energy for change, even if the process can be messy or sometimes painful. When Scorpio is involved, there are no half measures or empty promises: our greatest strength lies in seeing the truth as it is and embracing the darkness with confidence in the light that inevitably follows. Be gentle with yourself and with those around you: everyone is fighting their own battle (and unlocking their superpowers!) during this Eclipse.

Those of us with strong Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius energy (especially with planets around the 2nd degree of these signs) can go through powerful changes toward the end of October, but all of us can go through a process of release and regeneration in the life area ruled by Scorpio in the birth chart. 

Even if the Eclipse is on October 25, we can feel its effects for two weeks before and after this date.


Eclipse Journal Prompts:

  • What messages is the Universe sending me at this time? What am I supported to accept, release, and transform?

  • What patterns am I noticing in my relationships and where am I being guided toward a deeper understanding of my emotions and reactions?

  • Where have I been giving my power away (to a habit, a situation, a person) and how am I being supported to trust my instincts more?


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