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What Are Figurine Candles?

Figure or figurine candles are commonly used in manifestation rituals as a tool to help focus energy and intention on a specific goal or desire. By focusing on your desired results while lighting the candle and saying a prayer or affirmation, you can call upon the spiritual forces to help you manifest your wishes. The heat from the flame can also help to boost any magical spellwork or rituals that you’re doing. The practice involves choosing a figurine candle that represents the desired outcome, such as abundance or love, and lighting the candle while visualizing the desired manifestation. The candle is then allowed to burn down, releasing the energy and intention into the universe to bring about the manifestation.

These candles allow you to focus on your desired outcome while burning a flame that symbolizes transformation and change. Additionally, it's believed that they create a space full of positive energy around them which helps with any magical spellwork or ritual being performed.

When did people start using Figurine Candles for manifestation?

The use of figurine candles for manifestation and ritual purposes has a long history, with roots in various cultures and spiritual traditions around the world. In ancient Egypt, for example, figures were burned during religious ceremonies in order to call upon gods for protection or assistance with certain tasks. In Vodou traditions, practitioners often light figures representing themselves in order to ask spirits for aid in fulfilling their goals and desires. Some broader examples include:

-Ancient civilizations: Candles have been used for ritual purposes in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome.
-African traditions: In African spiritual practices such as Voodoo and Santeria, candles have been used as tools for manifestation and communication with spirits.
-European folk magic: European folk magic, such as hoodoo and folk magic, also incorporated candles into manifestation rituals.

Regardless of the specific tradition, the use of candles as a tool for manifestation has been prevalent in many cultures throughout history. The specific use of figurine candles in manifestation has likely evolved from the use of candles in general as a tool for focusing energy and intention in ritual.

What are the benefits of using a Figure Candle for manifestation?

When using figure candles for manifesting purposes, it’s important to focus on what your desired outcome is while lighting the candle. It’s also important to take time each day (or as often as possible) to meditate on what you want to achieve with this intention-setting ritual. You should also be sure that you’re performing any associated spells or rituals correctly so that they work as intended. Lastly, make sure that you properly dispose of any leftover wax after use!

What Figurine Candles Are Best For My Intention?

The shape of figurine candles can vary and is typically chosen to represent the intention or goal for manifestation. Some common shapes include:

-People or figures
-Objects (e.g. money bag, heart, pyramid)
-Symbols (e.g. pentagram, ankh, Hamsa hand)

People shaped figurine candles are used for a variety of manifestation intentions, such as:

-Love and relationships: candles shaped as couples or individuals seeking love in red or pink

-Success and prosperity: candles shaped as business people or individuals seeking financial abundance in green or white

-Healing and protection: candles shaped as healers or individuals seeking protection and safety in blue or white

-Spirituality: candles shaped as spiritual leaders or individuals seeking spiritual growth in purple

-Specific individuals: candles shaped as someone you wish to bring into your life or represent a specific person in your life (e.g. a lost loved one) in white

Animal shaped figurine candles are used for a variety of manifestation intentions, such as:
-Protection: candles shaped as strong animals like lions or wolves
-Abundance: candles shaped as animals associated with wealth, such as pigs or frogs
-Good luck: candles shaped as animals associated with good fortune, such as elephants or rabbits
-Healing: candles shaped as animals associated with comfort and care, such as cats or dogs
-Spirituality: candles shaped as animals associated with spiritual significance, such as snakes or dragons

Object shaped figurine candles are used for a variety of manifestation intentions, such as:
-Abundance: candles shaped as money or riches, such as money bags or coins

-Success: candles shaped as tools of success, such as books or pencils

-Love: candles shaped as symbols of love, such as hearts or flowers

-Protection: candles shaped as protective symbols, such as pyramids or Hamsa hands

-Spirituality: candles shaped as spiritual symbols, such as crosses or stars

Symbol shaped figurine candles are used for a variety of manifestation intentions, such as:

-Protection: candles shaped as protective symbols, such as pentagrams or crosses

-Spirituality: candles shaped as spiritual symbols, such as ankh or Om

-Abundance: candles shaped as symbols of wealth, such as dollar signs or gold coins

-Success: candles shaped as symbols of success, such as stars or arrows

-Love: candles shaped as symbols of love, such as infinity loops or cupids

The shape chosen is personal and can depend on the individual's belief system, cultural background, or personal preference. When doing any sort of candle ritual be sure to focus only on your highest well being and the highest well being of all those involved. The most profound and transformational candle rituals are usually focused on self improvement and letting go old structures that no longer serve your best interest. Please do not try influence another person's free will as this could work out poorly.

How Can You Manifest Changes In Your Life With a Candle?

If you're ready to start making your own magic by using a magic candle here is a basic ritual you can use:

1. Choose a candle that corresponds with the change you wish to manifest. For example, a red woman candle to increase your attraction level or a White Cross Candle for spiritual growth and protection.

2. Cleanse and charge your candle by anointing it with essential oils or herbs that correspond with your intention.

3. Light the candle and meditate on your intention, visualize yourself already having achieved your goal.

4. Repeat your affirmation or intention silently or aloud.

Finally, let the candle burn until it has burned out completely.

It is important to note that Candle magic is one of many form of manifestation and it's effectiveness is not scientifically proven, ultimately it's up to personal belief and experience.

It's important to use candles with caution, never leaving them unattended and in a safe place and asking for yoru intention to be granted only according to your highest well being.

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