Astro Alert: Mercury Goes Direct In Taurus

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on June 02 2022

Dear Magic Makers, June brings mixed energies: while Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, bringing clarity after the temporary chaos of the past three weeks and supporting us to integrate new insights, Saturn starts to retrograde, bringing an extra dose of reality (think responsibility or pressure) around the 4th

Mercury Direct in Taurus:
June 3

Mercury Goes Direct In Taurus 2022

Between May 10 and June 3, Mercury has played his usual tricks on us; from missing e-mails to tech issues or travel mix-ups, we’ve had our seasonal dose of Mercury retrograde irritation, so most of us will be glad to step beyond this quirky transit and move forward in a more predictable fashion (with the exception of those with Mercury retrograde in the natal chart, who usually feel at home when the current cosmic influences align with their energy).

However, Mercury retro is more than an opportunity to increase our ability to deal with frustration. This transit also supports us to tie up loose ends, integrate the past, and keep what is useful while discarding what no longer serves us. The beginning of June is a great time to look at the past three weeks and notice what came to the surface, especially linked to our relationships and thinking patterns (Mercury retrograde in Gemini between May 10 and May 22) and our finances and resources (Mercury retrograde in Taurus between May 22 and June 3). 

Did you get the chance to make amends with someone from the past or did you rekindle a relationship? Did you remember info you’d previously learned, take an opportunity to resume a communication or education-related project, return to a previous source of income, or reconsider your financial approach? It’s likely that current events have led many of us to reconsider our sources of income (Taurus) or our skill development (Gemini); after June 3, we’re supported to apply our ideas and find practical ways of integrating this transit’s insights. 

We can also get the chance to see the past weeks with more clarity: decisions made during Mercury retrograde often show their true colors after the messenger planet goes direct, revealing a hidden catch or simply turning out to be less than we desire. In the light of nostalgia, Mercury retrograde can prompt us to return to the past, even if it’s no longer aligned with our current values and priorities. What parts of the past are you releasing at the beginning of June… and what is here to stay for good? 

Between June 3 and 13, Mercury in Taurus can help us clarify financial and practical matters, while Mercury in Gemini supports us to process communication and education-related issues starting from the 13th. Until June 16, when Mercury exits his retrograde shadow, there is enough time to clarify and integrate new insights; after this date, it will be easier to move forward.


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