Astro Alert: Mars Enters Aries

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on May 24 2022

The 29th brings Mars, the warrior, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism, together in Aries, marking a great time for taking a risk that we hadn’t considered before. This is the moment to be bold, assertive, and to tackle problems head-on.

Mars in Aries:
May 24 – July 5

Mars Enters Aries 2022

Mars, the planet of action and initiative, starts a fresh two-year cycle through the zodiac on May 24. After sleepwalking through Pisces, a transit that stirred up our emotions, but also brought lower levels of energy and the need to recharge our batteries more often, Mars storms into passionate Aries, his home sign. This is a great transit for bold beginnings and acts of courage, a time that supports us to connect with our instincts and to put ourselves first when needed. Movement is compulsory and extra passion is a given during the next month and a half.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to launch a new project, this is it! After June 3, when Mercury is no longer retrograde, we’re moving out of a phase of reflection and reconsideration and opening up a new chapter. With Mars in Aries, the plans we’ve made until now are finally ready to be launched: we’ve got enough energy to take a risk and we’re likely to seek novelty in one or more areas of our lives. Aries is the sign of new beginnings and it has little patience for stagnation. This is the perfect time to get in touch with our inner pioneer and to trust that spontaneity and courage can open new doors.

Mars in Aries can also amplify our instincts and light up our desires, bringing more passion to our relationships; it’s a great time to meet someone new or to shake things up in the bedroom. It’s also a good transit for exercise, whether we’re building muscle or just looking to shed some extra weight. With movement and action as the keywords for this transit, we’re supported to push our boundaries and to do more of what makes us feel active and strong.

Those of us who are usually shy can feel extra bold during this transit, while those who tend to be impulsive can lose their tempers more easily: Mars in Aries brings the challenge of self-control and conflict resolution. Fast reactions are an advantage this season, but they also bring the possibility of leaping before looking or allowing ourselves to be guided by our triggers. Especially around the 29th, everything Mars can be amplified in our lives: passion, initiative, desire, enthusiasm, courage, but also impulsivity, anger, or aggression. It’s ideal to find healthy ways of blowing off some steam at this time. 

The following month and a half is great for Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: these signs will enjoy a boost of energy and enthusiasm that helps them with new projects and adventures! Aquarius and Gemini can feel energized to put their ideas into practice, while Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn could have a few challenges linked to self-assertion. Taking extra care of their nervous systems is advised for these signs. Finally, all of us have Aries somewhere in the birth chart: this is the life area where we’ve got cosmic support to take a bold step forward!


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