Astro Alert: Full Moon In Libra Incoming

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on April 14 2022

On the 16th, the Libra Full Moon brings the culmination of what has started in our lives six months ago in the area of relationships, partnerships, and contracts.

In tense aspects with gritty Pluto and flowing aspects with steady Saturn, this is a transformative Moon that can bring relationship changes, whether they’re in a form of a higher level of commitment, a separation, or a conflict that helps us reestablish fair boundaries.

Full Moon in Libra:
April 16

Full Moon In Libra 2022


The sky is charged on the 16th, when the Aries Sun opposes the Libra Moon: we have transits that show both tension (Saturn squaring the Lunar Nodes) and immense potential for healing (Jupiter conjunct Neptune). The Libra Moon channels this potential in our relationships and partnerships, bringing moments of fulfillment, insight, and transformation.

What has shifted in your relationships since last October, when we had the last Libra New Moon? Mid-April can reveal truths and emotions that we haven’t been able to fully grasp since then, especially when it comes to how we see “the other” (a partner, a friend, a parent, a coworker). If a relationship has been going well, the Full Moon could reveal the depth of the feelings involved; if things have been difficult, we can have a chance to talk things through. 

The opposition between the fiery Aries Sun (representing our willpower and confidence) and the balanced Libra Moon (a reflection of our need for compromise and closeness) supports us to notice if we tend towards an extreme and to take steps either closer to ourselves or closer to others. Themes around self-betrayal and people-pleasing could be active on this Full Moon, but some of us could also deal with the implications of excessive self-sufficiency. 

Libra calls us to acknowledge our need for affection and connection, while her tense aspect with transformative Pluto can reveal fears or traumas around attachment: the fear of being judged, rejected, alone, or, on the contrary, engulfed by the other in a relationship that lacks balance. Controlling behaviors from others could reflect their lack of self-understanding. The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “An airplane sails, high in the clear sky”, an image that supports us to take a step back when we feel emotionally overwhelmed and to practice the art of objectivity. 

Libra teaches us how to hold opposite ideas and feelings in our consciousness, weighing them until we find a point of balance. Her trine with Saturn, the lord of karma, shows that this Full Moon can bring the consequences of our past actions in relationships and, in general, in situations that required fairness and responsibility. This is why relationships can reach a new level of commitment at this time, contracts can be signed, deals can be made, but debts can also be paid and power imbalances brought to the surface.

The Sun’s conjunction with Pallas Athena, the asteroid that symbolizes our strategic side, can bring fruitful negotiations and a way to constructively channel our impulses and desires. At the same time, this aspect can also amplify our need for independence:  we can be less open to accepting compromises that don’t benefit us and more willing to take action and defend our interests. 

In the background, the conjunction between expansive Jupiter and dreamy Neptune in Pisces reminds us that getting completely lost in a person, an emotion, or an ideal can erode our sense of identity; Libra is the sign of moderation and her energy supports us to find the right dose, the right amount of giving and receiving that supports our well-being.

Those of us with strong Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn in the birth chart will feel the transformative energy of this Full Moon the most, but all of us can see results or reach a turning point in the area ruled by Libra in the birth chart.

Full Moon Journal Prompts:

  • What fears or thought patterns can I let go of so I can feel more authentic and fulfilled in my relationships?

  • Do I tend to give or to take more in my connections with others & what do I need to find balance?

  • How can I celebrate the love and the beauty I have in my life right now?


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