The Magical Benefits Of Lavender

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 13 2022

Even from ancient times, Lavender was always considered to be one of the most healing and magical herbs. It was often used for healing purposes, and even after modern medicine was developed, Lavender is still considered and used as a healing herb.

Because of its beautiful scent and natural properties that enhance calmness and healing, it’s also an amazing tool to be used in spiritual healing rituals as well. We love to use it regularly, and we often incorporate it into our rituals, however, lavender has so so many more uses. So, how can you use lavender? Let’s find out:

lavender incense uses and meanings


One of our favorite ways to use Lavender is definitely during ritual preparation. We are strong believers that when you are doing any kind of ritual work, the most important part of it is to start on a clean slate, or set the atmosphere right - which allows you to be completely focused on your intentions and ritual goals. So, how exactly can you use Lavender for ritual preparation

For this purpose, incense or an essential oil would be the best choice. Burning it as you start the ritual, or after cleansing with another tool is a great way to instill calmness, inner balance, and focus. We also like to do different meditations as our Lavender fills us up with calmness. Although you can use a custom-guided one, you can also use a simple body scan meditation during this process to clear your mind and soothe yourself back to inner balance.


lavender incense spiritual meaning

Another way to use your Lavender incense is for setting your intentions! This is one of the most fun and magical ways to use your Lavender. We usually like to use an incense stick for this one, but you can also use a Lavender smudge stick. Once you start to burn it, take a few moments to completely focus on your intention for that ritual. It’s a good idea before you sit down and do your ritual to write out your intentions, and if possible to shorten them to a sentence. For this particular activity, you’ll need to shorten your intention to a word. 

Then, as you fully focus on that word, take your incense or smudge stick and with it write out your intention word in the air, strongly holding your intentions and wishes in your mind. Depending on the intention, you can write it out once, or three times - to fully set your mind on your intention and goal.


If you have been struggling lately to relax and simply let go, then Lavender is a great herb to use to do just that. Lavender’s natural properties make its beautiful scent filled with soothing, relaxing, and nourishing energy. Lighting your Lavender incense on a daily basis is a great way to make sure that you can unwind after a long, hard day at work. Using a bit of Lavender body oil before you start your day is also a great way to ensure that you'll be more relaxed throughout the day.


lavender incense benefits

And speaking of relaxation, not only is Lavender great to unwind and relax during the day, but it’s also a great herb to use before you go to sleep. Because Lavender naturally enhances relaxation, it’s an amazing herb to use if you have been sleeping restlessly or you have been having trouble falling asleep.

So, how can you utilize Lavender for a better quality of sleep? If you have some Lavender incense or a Lavender smudge stick, burn some of it before going to sleep in your bedroom. If you have a Lavender herb, placing some of it in a pouch and keeping it below your pillow or close to your bed is also a great way to promote better sleep. Having a calming bath with some Lavender salts is also a great way to relax your entire body, and enhance better sleep.


lavender incense benefits

Finally, if you have been struggling with stress and anxiety, Lavender is a great herb to support you in releasing it and finding inner calmness. We like to burn a bit of Lavender incense every day, and do a five-minute body scan, simply visualizing all the stress and anxiety leaving our bodies, as we inhale the beautiful Lavender scent from our incense.

We hope that with these tips, we have helped you to find more ways to utilize your Lavender and make your own day even more magical! If you’d like to learn more about how to use magical healing tools like Lavender, sign up for our monthly subscription box - A Little Zen Box, where we explore each month different tools with different rituals and spiritual healing activities!


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